They’re not consulting firms – they’re job robbing training + looting firms.

Most of the companies they touch DIE.

Just ask Boeing, Intel, Lehman, and others.

Most of the jobs they take are stolen from skilled Americans so they can be moved back to India.

These are not consultants – they’re industrial thieves and frauds who need jobs bad. And there are 1000s of these India Inc looting firms running loose all over America.

The new USCIS rule just makes sure they have a real end client and they’re not just hiring H-1Bs to invade the US because India is such a shithole.

Azim Premji – criminal defamer of US tech workers – and founder of racist Indian-only Wipro India Inc staffing company.

Criminal Indian Mafia only hires Indians – as this photo shows – in violation of 3 US laws and EEOC rules. Companies such as Wipro are the new Business Hindvuta in America.

New Nazi Hindus are coming for you, America.