Make no mistake. This is a cover up.

American workers were displaced by the millions by invading armies of India Inc job robbers.

Now one of their agents, RICO Ro Khanna – a job robber representing Silicon Valley in congress wants to appease Americans with debt-printed $2K/mo stimulus checks.

Americans can’t live on free handouts forever, Mr. Khanna. Americans need jobs – you know the jobs H-1B workers from India are still being flown in to take while American workers are locked down.

Whom do you think you are fooling, Mr. Khanna?

When Prof. Norm Matloff of UC Davis debated Khanna and brough up H-1B, Khanna flipped his lid and got angry.

The India Inc mafia doesn’t want Americans catching on to the real reasons they are unemployed.

India Inc has invaded the US. It’s that simple.