Well, most are.

In fact, the India Inc staffing companies are the largest organized crime outfit in the US now: violating Title 8 of US law, doing mass criminal racism and EEOC violations with impunity, targeting Americans for removal from the workforce.

InfoSys, one of the largest India Incs was fined $35 million for visa fraud a few years ago.

We’re importing millions of thieves from the world’s #1 criminal thief nation: India.

Tata was fined $940 for stealing over a billion $ in trade secrets from a US software company.

1000s of smaller India Incs are doing mass H-1B visa fraud all over America as a conduit to break into the country and file for green cards illegally.

India Incs are also doing criminal defamation of US tech workers – the same American workers who built Silicon Valley.

Defamation is a crime. Azim Premji, founder of Wipro H-1B visa fraud shop (shown 2nd from right above) went on CNBC once saying “America does not have the talent”).

That’s a crime.

Bakersfield CA of course wants to PR all immigrants as good so its farmers can continue to get illegal cheap $2/hr labor.