Japan is the hip new globalist destination for failed job robbers from around the world.

It started the same way in the US in the early 1990’s – just a few here, then a few there, then 65,000 per year, then 115,000, then 195,000, then unlimited L-1s brought in by India Inc staffing companies, now virtually defacto open borders.

The Japanese are not going to roll over and go quetly as their country is invaded the way Americans did.


“Foreign technical intern trainees, who come from developing countries to learn professional skills in Japan, are supposed to work only in a job and at a workplace that were already set before their arrival

A possible reason that demand persists for foreign trainees is that supervising organizations that accept them can get commissions to assign trainees to member companies, said Ippei Torii, a representative of nonprofit Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan.

Supervising organizations include business groups and chambers of commerce and industry”.

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Tata Consultancy Services opens shop next to Tokyo Tower – which can mean

only one thing: once manager is Indian, all are Indian. These business

fronts are silent invasion + takeover via “international business”.