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Jan 27, 2021

India’s tech industry hails Joe Biden’s stand on immigration, H-1B rules

According to this professor, ‘Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist’

Bill Gates calls pandemic conspiracies ‘crazy and evil’

China rejects ‘strategic competition’ and calls on US to cooperate

China and New Zealand upgrade their free-trade deal

Xi reads multilateral riot act to virtual Davos

Arrest made in the death of elderly CA couple found at bottom of a well in Mexico

Borders tightened as virus curfew fury spills over

CA Officials Say the State’s Unemployment Benefits Fraud Could Top $11 Billion

California’s Newsom Should Be Recalled, Says Craft Ventures’ Sacks – Bloomberg

Canceling Keystone XL Means Oil Goes to China, Other Countries, or Less Safe Rail

China’s Ant Group said to be selling US eye verification subsidiary

Democratic Party In Oregon Blames ‘Republican Attacks’ After Antifa Smashed Its HQ

Democrats Preparing to “Enshrine Fraud” Into Law So They Stay In Power Forever

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportation Freeze Nationwide

Former Antifa Activist Reveals Their True Agenda

Former Make-A-Wish Iowa CEO charged with embezzling funds

Goya Foods moves to muzzle its Trump-supporting CEO

Hawley – It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America

Hawley: ‘Communist China’-Style Social Credit Scores Coming to US in Form of ‘Cancel Culture’

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World


Hundreds of Migrants Take Over Empty Paris School

Italian Doctor Accused Of Murdering Patients To Free Up Beds For COVID Ward

Joe Biden’s COVID Deceptions

Last 6 Months Saw Sharpest Rise in US Poverty in Half-Century

Malaysian Singer Defends Use of Brownface To Raise Awareness About ‘Sunburn’

Meet Your Replacement

Merck Scraps COVID Vaccines; Says It’s More Effective To Get The Virus And Recover

Michelle Malkin: The Matter of Tori Rose Smith’s Life

Most Republican Senators Reject Constitutionality of Trump Impeachment

Nancy And Paul Pelosi Bought More Than $1 Million In Tesla, Disney And Apple Calls In Dec

Netherlands sees worst riots in four decades over coronavirus curbs

Nobody Is Jealous Of The Left’s Culture Of Death American culture now being torn in half under leftist agenda

Obama’s “Dear Friend” & “Moral Compass” Accused Of Molesting 12 & 13-Year-Old Brothers

Police State Is Coming For “Religious Extremists”, “Evangelical Christians”, “Pro-Life” Activists And “Libertarians”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler PEPPER-SPRAYS man after being confronted for ‘not wearing mask’ at local pub

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprays man who accosted him outside pub

Ron Paul: When Fascism Comes, It Will Be Wearing a Mask

Tax on number of miles you drive? Incoming Transportation Secretary Buttigieg likes the idea

Texas Rep. Introduces Bill For Residents To Vote on Seceding From the U.S.

Twitter Permanently Suspends MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

Understanding the Roots and Causes of Inflation

US likely to be first Western nation to crush Covid-19

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“Haley is the most dangerous type of politician, willing to say or do anything to gain political power. Her new PAC will probably invest in easy to win elections in a GOP year, the Republicans are likely to take back the House and she’ll claim credit” /

Nigel Farage on Twitter: “The EU are nasty and vindictive on vaccines, showing their true colours as Nationalists.”

“How do you still not understand that if you bring in a high number of low-skilled immigrants that do jobs that pay low wages (some earning not even a living-wage), there is no such “positive labor demand shock”?”

“If @Noahpinion wants to have serious discussion about US immigration policy, be more open to the nuances instead of throwing theoretical conclusions as if they are facts & only accepting you are right & others are wrong. See your debate with @RosenthalRC:”

“If/when the GOP retakes the house in 2022, can they impeach Bill Clinton again?”

“In other words, if you’re a border-infiltrator, having a minor with you will again be a golden ticket to release into the US. (And, by the way, you won’t be a priority for ICE if you fail to apply for asylum or lose an asylum claim, so you can stay forever.)”

“Instead of the EB-5 loan money going to construction projects, Chan and her father refunded the loans to the Chinese investors or used the money to buy million dollar homes.”

Lou Dobbs on Twitter: “Obamagate Declassified: @JSolomonReports on the documents that reveal Carter Page Exculpatory statements were kept from the American people for four years #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs”

“Noteworthy that Judge Tipton acknowledged the enormous costs to Texas taxpayers when immigration laws are not enforced. via @BreitbartNews”

“Thanks to Gavin Newsom for showing us without question that lockdowns were political theater and nothing more. We’re almost there:”

“The USA is a totalitarian country, it’s only going to get worse from here.”

“Uh-oh, now what? Biden’s deportation freeze and new priorities will complicate this guy’s removal. Fugitive? Excused. Not an agg felon? Excused. Vulnerable to Covid? Excused. Welcome criminals…. via @cbp”

“Watch how fast Democrats fall in love with signature verification once the Newsom petition crosses 1.5 million”

“While Americans are out of work, struggling, locked down, losing jobs… These clowns in Washington, D.C. are acting as tyrants trying to impeach President Trump yet again, after he’s out of office. They are monsters, and do not give a damn about the American people. PERIOD!”

“Will someone please hide the pens from Joe at the White House?”

“With millions of American Citizens out of work, Joe Biden and Democrats are focused like a laser beam on getting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.”

“So can we drop affirmative action now? WTF!!!!! I see no fucking oppression!”