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Jan 29, 2021

Stephen Miller Exposes Biden Admin’s Dystopian Immigration Plan

It Begins: Biden Forms Commission on “Supreme Court Reform”

Proud Boys Leader Was FBI Informant Years Ago

The Fog Of War: Proof Masks And Lockdowns Are Worthless

WAT? Biden Adviser Richmond Sez We Can Reopen Schools with ‘Basically No Transmission

Texas AG Accuses Dems of Insurrection for Illegally Opening Borders

TEXIT: Texas Congressman Wants to Make Texas a Nation Again

Tucker: ‘Never in U.S. History Has There Been Press Censorship on This Scale’

John Kerry Admits: Even ‘Zero’ U.S. Emissions Won’t Solve Climate Change…

Tulsi Gabbard: Democrats Are Trying to Turn America into a ‘Police State’

India Urges States to Criminalize Criticism of Homemade Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates

“ICE Abolished By Memo”

Anti Lockdown Protests get Violent in the Netherlands

Anti-Trump Scholar: ‘Nearly Impossible’ to ‘Deprogram’ Millions of Trump Supporters

Being locked up for months in bio-bubble is unsustainable: Aaron Finch

Biden Struggles to Put His Pen in His Pocket

Biden Creates ‘Bipartisan’ Court-packing Commission Led by Bob Bauer

Biden Executive Order Creates ‘Civilian Corps’ to Fight Climate Change

Biden to Make Climate Change Top Priority, Targeting Oil and Gas Industries

Biden’s 2021 COVID-19 Bill Costs More Than Entire 1981 Federal Gov

Biden’s DHS Nominee Tied to China, Visas-for-Sale Scandal

Biden’s Drilling Ban Killing U.S. Jobs, Energy Independence

Biden’s ‘Buy American’ Executive Order Echoes Donald Trump’s 2017 Order

Joe Biden to Ban New Fracking Leases on Federal Lands Despite Promise Not To

John Kerry, Jen Psaki Go Maskless at White House Press Briefing

Conservative MP Calls for GPS Tracking of Quarantined Britons

Cuban Migrants Waiting in Mexico Prepared to Storm Border Crossing Again

Delingpole: ‘Trussst Us! We’re Not Evil’ Claims Davos Great Reset Vid

Democracy in Peril: Twenty Years of Media Consolidation Under the Telecommunications Act

Did America’s Anti-Cop Movement Lead To Largest Homicide Increase In US History?

Guy who sells pillows is now American Democracy’s biggest threat, according to the left

How Long Before Washington’s Demonization of Russia, China, and Iran Leads to War? –

Miracle! Andrew Cuomo Lifts Some New York Restrictions: ‘surge is over’…

Nolte: Successful White Guy Forced to End Media Career — ‘Not Right Make & Year Anymore’

Over 12,000 Criminal Illegals Will Be Freed Monthly

Poll: Majority of GOP Voters Think Trump Should Run for President

Senate Dems Push for D.C. Statehood

YouTube Demonetizes the Epoch Times

‘Defund the Police’ on Hiatus After Capitol Riot

3/4 of College Students Say Social Media Companies Have Too Much Political Power

African Migrants Brutally Beat Swedish Man for Asking Them to Speak Quietly on Phone

American-made products at a cost-competitive price takes effort

Amsterdam Officials Call For Dumping Overflow Migrants on Neighboring Cities

Argentine Senator Defends Quarantines: ‘You Have Rights, But Not in Pandemic’

Audit Finds 4 Million Californians May Have To Repay COVID Jobless Benefits

Ben Shapiro: Don’t Be Fooled by Media’s Portrayal of ‘Normal’ Biden

Candace Owens: If You’ve Been Calling Trump Supporters Nazis, It’s Time to ‘Take a Good Hard Look in the Mirror’

China Pressuring Jack Ma to Surrender Alibaba’s Huge Trove of Consumer Data

China Unprecedented Aggression Toward Taiwan Continues

Climate Change Top Priority, Targeting Oil and Gas Industries

Gabbard: Brennans, Schiffs, Big Tech Oligarchs More Dangerous than Mob that Stormed Capitol

Cloris Leachman, Oscar and Emmy-Winning Actress, Dies at 94

COVID Cops Fine Men for Looking at Snow

Dave Rubin: Sue Gavin Newsom to Prove Lockdowns Based on Politics, Not Science6

DeEvolution: Feminism’s Reverse Engineering Of American Women

Dennis Prager: Why the Left has to suppress free speech

Emperor Biden: Joe Sets Record for Executive Orders in First Week

European Governments Worry Violent Anti-Lockdown Protests Could Spread

Facebook to Handout Millions to Prop Up British Mainstream Media Outlets

FDA Issues “Import Alert” On Potentially Deadly Mexican Hand Sanitizer  | ZeroHedge

Hollywood and National Media Are Now Justifying the 1950s Hollywood Blacklist

Illegal Alien Charged With Brutal Child Sexual Assault in Georgia

Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns, Leaving Country in Crisis

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order to Make All Federal Vehicles Electric

Laid-Off Coal Miner: Biden Canceling Pipeline Leaves Children Wondering ‘Is My Dad Going to Be Able to Put Food on the Table?’

Left Joins Conservatives in Uproar over Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’

Mayorkas Rising in Biden’s America DHS Nominee Tied to China Citizenship-for-Sale Swamp Scandal

Ohio Bans Telemedicine Abortion Pill Prescriptions

Polls: Bipartisan ‘Unity’ on Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in U.S. and Abroad

Poll: Liz Cheney’s Political Support Collapses in Wyoming as Primary Challenger Takes Double-Digit Lead

Portland Mayor Pepper Sprays Man After Maskless Confrontation

Protecting My “Extremist” Content From Censorship

Report: Biden’s Campaign Benefited from Record Amount of ‘Dark Money’

Sen. Cotton: ‘I Don’t Think This Trial…Is Within the Senate’s Constitutional Authority’

Senate Confirms Antony Blinken as Joe Biden’s Secretary of State

SF School Board Votes to Remove Names of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson From Schools

US trades a ‘bad person, good policies’ president for a ‘good person, bad policies’ one

Vicious Paris Gang Attack Leaves Ukrainian Teen in Coma Fighting for His Life

What Every Local Civic Leader In America Must Know About Technocracy’s Global Coup d’Etat

Walmart To Build More Robo-Warehouses As Amazon Fight Intensifies

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TEXIT: Texas Congressman Wants to Make Texas a Nation Again

“America is one giant playground for the elites who have engaged in harmful arbitrage profiteering schemes. They displaced our labor using cheap visa workers; off-shored manufacturing; & purposefully bankrupted companies for stock wins. Destruction for profit.”

“GameStop is doing a better job at distributing wealth to Americans during a pandemic than the US government . #GME #wallstreetbets”

Lou Dobbs on Twitter: “Racial Equity: @BobWoodson says in order to uplift our citizens, we can’t look at life through the prism of race #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs”

Boeing Company was once driven by innovation. Then an MBA-finance type CEO took over & started looking for quick shortcuts to increase profits. Result: two plane crashes.”

McCarthy on Twitter: “It’s pretty incredible the amount of concentrated power they can bring to bear when needed. The media, the government, the corporations are not separate. They’re one large entity acting in tandem”

NASDAQ threatens to halt stocks over social media chatters.”

“Do yourself a favor and watch “America The Story of Us” on Amazon Prime. An American History documentary with no discernible political agenda. Look at the risks men and women took to make America the envy of the world. Then think about hiding indoors for a year over a virus.”



Vaccines decisive for Tokyo Olympics, says Bill Gates

‘What an arrogant, out-of-touch statement for a centimillionaire to say,’ Ted Cruz blasts Kerry for statement that solar power job is ‘better choice’ for workers

35 years since Challenger space shuttle tragedy

Apple releases tvOS 14.4 with bug fixes

Apple VP Dan Riccio to focus on ‘new project’ and step down as leader of hardware engineering

Apple Watch ‘Series 7’ rumor claims glucose monitoring is on the way

Biden Will Merge Powers Of Big Tech And Government

Bill Gates Responds Responds to Conspiracy Theories By Demanding More Control Over Speech

Corellium opens iOS device virtualization support to individual accounts

Gabe Newell says brain-computer interface tech will allow video games far beyond what human ‘meat peripherals’ can comprehend

Italian consumer group sues Apple for alleged planned obsolescence

John Kerry admits zero emissions in US wouldn’t make difference in climate change

Lawsuit claims no tuna in Subway’s tuna sandwiches

Microsoft Reverses Xbox Price Hike After PR Disaster

Smartphones and a totalitarian future

The Great Reset: The Rise Of the Techno-Fascist System Is Now ‘In Your Face’

TSMC puts workers in isolation over COVID-19 outbreak fears

Twitter Encourages Users to Snitch on Each Other with ‘Birdwatch’ Feature

WebRTC is now a W3C and IETF standard

Xi Jinping Opens WEF In Davos, Pledges Support For The “Great Reset”

Your Face Is Set To Replace Your Bank Card


Philippines orders 240 Japanese train cars for first Manila subway

Casio’s Pikachu Baby-G is the perfect watch for Pokémon trainers

Court rules in favor of Japan’s ban on dual nationality

FOCUS: BOJ’s conundrum seen deepening as pandemic drags on

Hachiko, Japan’s favourite dog, may not have been so loyal to his master after all

Japan likely to hit COVID herd immunity 2 months after Olympics

Japan scraps plan to imprison disobedient coronavirus patients

Japan to halt entry of all nonresident foreign nationals

Japan urges Moscow to release opposition leader, protestors

Japan, U.S. defense chiefs vow closer ties over China’s assertiveness

Japan: Lawmakers Caught Nightclubbing During State of Emergency

Japan’s diplomatic note on South China Sea shows its self-interest

Japan’s legal age of adulthood dropping by 2 years

Japan’s Moonlight Nagara train service ends, leaving a hole in overnight rail travel

Japanese professor launches crowdfunding project to recreate amazura, a lost Heian Era sweetener

Japanese train conductor flips off rail fan photographer, prompts apology from JR

KitKat releases new Japanese plum flavor to celebrate Japan’s most beautiful winter flowers

Let Doraemon comfort you as you drink with beautiful, handcrafted Doraemon-quote glasses

Let’s learn Japanese with Steven Seagal’s entire filmography!

Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on a plane refuses to wear mask in custody

Man who refused to wear mask on airplane in Japan gets arrested four months later

Maximum Shiba! Dog in Japan’s first day in the snow is a hyper expression of pure joy

Nissan to electrify all new cars in key markets by early 2030s

Put it on Everything! A Peek at the Japanese Love Affair With Mayonnaise

Rosso bean grinder and coffee goods are here to give Ghibli fans an at-home caffeine kick

Ruby worth $29 million stolen in central Tokyo Ruby worth $29 million stolen in central Tokyo

Send Your Friend A Free Drink From Anywhere Behind This Digital Japanese Vending Machine

SoftBank’s plan to sell Arm to NVIDIA is hitting antitrust wall around the world – Nikkei Asia

The end of the pay phone? Japanese government considering getting rid of phone boxes

These two types of chocolate ramen are going to make Valentine’s Day extra-sweet

Top Ten Local Potato Chips in Japan: Strange and Unique Flavors you must try

Toyota accepts staff from halted aircraft factories of Mitsubishi Heavy

Tsukuba university donates over 19 tons of food to students during pandemic【Vid】

Video of Japanese cat charging through snow unaffected amazes Twitter

What’s it like to eat at the Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo right now?

Woman in Japan disciplined after putting up partition between herself and older male coworker