Congrats to the SpaceX team for the first vertical rocket ...

SpaceX – built mostly by Americans. India does not have the talent.

More good jobs for Americans under attack.

Now that the Indian Mafia has their foreign agent Biden in office, they are demanding invasion and takeover of SpaceX jobs.

Just as they did with Silicon Valley, the Indian Mafia loves to take over companies built by Americans.

Foreign industrial spies want into every single American tech company.

The US has ITAR laws which prevent foreign nationals from working at companies which produce rockets since they can be used as ICBMs.

India + China are always upset when American workers create something great. And being the failed losers that they are, they demand takeover of what Americans built.

So much for the theory that Americans are too dumb to do tech. That lie has always been NASSCOM/India Inc PR propaganda. The exact opposite is true – it’s the failed losers from other countries who never create anything.

Indian + Chinese guest workers in America have never invented anything like SpaceX. Not even once.

Who doesn’t have the talent now Mr. Premji? Liar.

After Elon Criticizes Biden’s FAA, Biden’s DoJ Launches Investigation Alleging SpaceX Discriminates Against Non-US Citizens

“Biden’s Department of Justice is very concerned that Elon Musk may prefer to hire American citizens over foreign labor”

Well, after all DOJ, that is the law. Why aren’t you enforcing US law?

Because you know…. those Central Bankers want you poor…..

One thought on “We always knew India Inc mafia wanted SpaceX jobs”
  1. Hilarious as India cannot even launch a rocket or satellite into orbit without it blowing up and crashing back to earth. Don’t even get me started with the India Mafia takeover of Boeing and the 757 disaster that actually has killed people. Best we can hope is that China and India wipe each other out along with the NWO bankers and globalists like Bill Gates.

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