Another unregistered foreign agent place as an “advisor” to Biden.

He’s also a “former” Goldman Sachs Wall St. banker. And we know Wall St. only wants on thing: cheap labor, wage-fixing, and more profits. He was also involved with lots of global VC firms.

This is how Wall St. rigs the US gov’t to work for its benefit: by placing its “former” agents in positions of power inside the gov’t.

Follow the bread crumbs:

Modi, PM of India -> USINPAC in USA -> Places agents in Biden Admin -> Modi Controls US gov’t.

Gutting your workforce for cheap foreign labor is in no way “National Security”.

And why is the Indian Media so racist?

“Additionally, he would also serve as deputy National Economic Council director, the NY Fed where Singh headed the Markets Group said in a Feb. 5 statement announcing his resignation.

Singh’s appointment in his new role reflects a commitment to prioritizing US workers in foreign policy to serve as deputy national security adviser, Bloomberg said citing the White House.”.


His #1 goal will be to flood the US with more H-1Bs from India – destroying the lives of the few Americans left who have tech jobs.

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

Alan Greenspan Thinks White Collar Workers Earn Too Much

New York Federal Reserve’s Indian American markets chief Daleep Singh, who worked for six years at the Treasury Department during the Obama administration, is set to join President Joe Biden’s team as deputy national security adviser.