You mean foreign agents, don’t you?

John Yang is the executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice“.

He’s also probably a CCP agent since Biden works for China. Asians’ idea of “advancing justice” is to break into white peoples’c countries, steal all their industry and tech, and move the jobs back to China. Little more than theft. These conmen have guilted Americans into surrendering their country.

We need a full investigation of Asian Americans Advancing Justice for ties to the CCP now.

If an American were doing this in China he would be arrested for spying instantly.

Yang said a small minority of Asian immigrants has skilled worker visas. The great majority of Asian immigrants are like any others.

“They come here to find a better life. They don’t come here necessarily with political power, with wealth, with class, but they come here because they believe in American values.”

You mean they come here to take a better life from Americans – and steal US industry so Chinese can have a better life in China.

This whole thing is an industrial espionage bullshit scam.

Why does the whole world need to come to America to find a better life? Why not just make a better life in your own country? You’re all smarter than Americans anyway, right?

“An accurate count of our community in the census is a must, if government services are to be provided to our people and decision-makers are to understand the community’s importance. We pursue a fair and accurate census count of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the decennial census and American Community Survey (ACS)”.

Racist much? Bust into America, start demanding everything. These losers are bankrupting America.