Not only was Intel trashed by armies of H-1Bs, including its now fired head of chip design. But now it’s been robbed by another India Inc thief.

When will US tech companies learn that these people are here to steal from us? Add Intel to the list – along with Apple and Tesla – of companies looted by these invaders.

Was Microsoft’s Satya Nadella behind this? The timing is suspect since Microsoft announced it would develop its own CPUs to copy Apple only a few weeks ago. Dr. Gupta fled to Microsoft.

Intel is getting clobbered by these thieves from India.

This is a shocking industrial theft case that needs to be investigated thoroughly by the US gov’t. And this is just one of the Indian thieves who got caught. This is actually going on all over the US every day. Most never get caught.

No wonder America is slowly dying.

“On his last day at the company, Gupta is alleged to have copied about 3,900 documents onto a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB drive bearing an identified serial number. According to Intel he also copied information onto a Western Digital My Passport USB drive, also with an identified serial number. Some of the files were marked ‘Intel Top Secret and ‘Intel Confidential’”.

Intel fires its Indian-origin chief engineer Murthy Renduchintala for production failures

3 thoughts on “Indian-origin engineer steals Xeon chip files @ Intel”
  1. A fat Hindu cockroach commits grand larceny theft of intellectual crown jewel property from a major American chip manufacturer and needs to be arrested IMMEDIATELY and denied parole and denied release.

    1. Yep. But with Foreign Agent Biden in office, nothing will be done. After they stole Microsoft, Google, and Adobe from us, what’s a few chip secrets here and there. OTOH best to short Intel + Boeing stock now.

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