As we reported last year, China loves poisoning peoples’ food. The old “spit in their food” that goes on in Asian restaurants all over the US for white diners has now gone steroid.

These people hate white people and Japanese because of history, and they’ll do anything to silently attack them.

China is now producing the tapioca “pearls” for “boba drinks” in Japan which are made of old tires and shoe soles.

Yep. That’s right.

In The Art of War, the Chinese use deceit, dirty tricks, and sabotage to bring down an enemy quietly – without fighting. China has a lot of garbage to get rid of, and what better way to do that than to grind it up and ship it off as food to enemies. No wonder the world has such health problems.

Read your labels folks. And don’t eat anything made in China or India. And sure don’t dine in their restuarants in the US.