The Nazi Indian Hindvuta sure doesn’t like Pieter Friedrich exposing their racism, casteism, and takeover of 5 million US tech jobs from Americans.

Just as RSS sword-weiling frontman Modi tried to shut Twitter up, now they’re trying to shut Friedrich up.

Defamation and demonization – it’s how the Indian Mafia rolls.

See if you can tolerate marble-mouthed Indian TV news for more than 60 seconds.

From secularism to Hindutva

A reader sent us this:

“Dear Religious Freedom Advocates,

In the past two years in being a acquaintance with Journalist Pieter Friedrich and exchanging information to expose the evils of the RSS / BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist- Radicals. iIts been my experience that Pieter is what he claims to be on his website and not the lies and propaganda the Hindu Radicals /  Delhi Police / RSS / BJP are disseminating after the RSS / BJP have been illegally operating in the USA as Unregistered Foreign Agents and meddling / interfering in US Politics and Elections including to build and back former Rep Tulsi Gabbard, Rep Krishnamoorthi, Sri Preston Kulkarni and others which it appears that the DOJ FARA Division has ignored instead of protecting our National Security and Elections .

Please keep in mind that it was the RSS / BJP who lied about Christians killing Swami Laxmanananda when they knew it was Maoist.

Some have alleged that it was a hit job arranged by ISP Officer / BJP Spokesman  Ashok Sahoo or Sahu and I / we have a recorded interview between American Brannon Michael Parker and Sahu which could help expose the injustices in Kandhamal and who really killed Swami Laxmanananda but Ambassador Sam Brownback has denied request to meet with me / us / Will Rogers & Journalist Anto Akkara and help get the recordings analyzed by law enforcement and / or intelligence officials.

This is how much the Hindu Radicals in India will lie to hurt Christianity and etc.

Now they are claiming Pieter Friedrich is a Christian Missionary- Psywar Against India ‘Toolkit’: Christian Missionary Pieter Friedrich, ISI’s “Bhajan Singh Bhinder” And Everything You Need To Know