We Are Not Villains: India Inc

Yes you are.

India has stolen millions of top American IT jobs, looted billions in remittances out of the US, and targets white Americans for removal from their jobs all over America.

The India Incs are terrorizing and stealing just about everything they can get their hands on in America.

Stop the lies, India, you are the biggest mass criminal nation on earth and you are robbing America BLIND.

There’s a reason they are known in the corporate world as the INDIAN MAFIA.

The English word “thug” comes from the Indian word “thugee” which the British adopted in the 1850’s in India.


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Don’t worry – we Indians aren’t here to hurt you or throw you out of jobs or anything. we’re nice people. No really we are.

Indians have stolen several top US tech companies built by Americans including Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and IBM. No one is stopping them.

Armies of racist Indians stole Silicon Valley and 5 million US STEM jobs from Americans. Doesn’t get any more villainous than this.

Villains: 100% Indians @ Microsoft. How’s that for systemic racism?

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