The Indian Mafia just stole another US company. First it was Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Intel, IBM, Boeing, and now it’s PPG.

You can bet as CIO the looter will lay off every American he can, and ship all those jobs to India. This is how the India Inc mafia rolls. Same exact thing happened at Boeing, Lehman, Sun Microsystems, and Intel. All are dead or dying thanks to the mass India Inc job theft from Americans who built the companies.

India can’t build mega companies like Americans can so instead it just steals our companies and floods them with H-1Bs from India.

India is stealing our companies.

“The paint company PPG (NYSE:PPG) recently announced the appointment of Bhaskar Ramachandran as vice president and chief information officer (CIO). Ramachandran will succeed Chris Caruso, current vice president, IT, who has announced his intent to retire, effective March 1, 2021, a press release from the company said.

Ramachandran earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Madras University in Chennai, followed by an advanced diploma in information systems from the National Institute of IT in India, and a master’s in business administration degree from Duke University’s The Fuqua School of Business“.