China: TX Freeze Shows US Is a Failure – Breitbart

China lifts 740 million rural poor out of poverty since ...

Really China?

How come the millions of skilled foreign workers who promised to keep America competitive didn’t?

20 years ago a complete grid collapse in the US was unthinkable.

Why does the US continue to import millions of skilled workers from China + India who aren’t keeping the US compeitive as promsied?

Has China forgotten that everything it has it stole from America?

Smug China Sees Suffering Texans as Proof of Communism’s Triumph

Chinese communism “triumphed” by stealing $100 trilllion of US industry and moving it to China. China is triumphant in the same way bank robbers are triumphant. 20 years ago China could barely slurp a nooodle. If not for American industry, China would still be living in a mud puddle.

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