The invasion of armies of 3rd world job robbers sure has been good for CA.

The progressive author admits that it is cheap labor that has killed CA.

Replacement of good-paying jobs with illegals + armies of low-wage H-1B job robbers has wrecked the state.

The verdict is in: mass immigration and “cost-cutting” are really, really bad ideas.

Where is Tom Friedman now? Globalization has clearly been a total disaster for CA and America.

Armies of foreign workers are too busy looting America to keep anything in America going.

How long before they loot the rest of America into the ground?

“It is true that California’s GDP per capita is far higher than these Central American countries, but the state has slowly morphed into a low wage economy. Over the past decade, 80% of the state’s jobs have paid under the median wage — half of which are paid less than $40,000 — and most are in poorly paid personal services or hospitality jobs. Even at some of the state’s most prestigious companies like Google, many lower (and even mid-level) workers live in mobile home parks. Others sleep in their cars“.  

Mass Immigration and the Squeezing of the American Middle and Working Class |