Not keeping America competitive. Cisco is full of foreign workers here to rip us off + deny jobs to Americans.

Tracy Resident Convicted of 21 Counts of “H-1B” Visa Fraud and Two Counts of Aggravated Identity Theft | USAO-EDCA | Department of Justice

One Firm Pays for Anti-White Hiring Practices, Another Sued for Anti-Untouchable Discrimination

“Meanwhile, also in San Jose, on the last day of June the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued an even larger user of H-1Bs, Cisco Systems, and two of its high-caste Indian executives for “workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation” against an unnamed Cisco employee, who is a Dalit”.

Cisco Caste Discrimination Case Could Have Ramifications For All U.S. Companies With Indian Employees

The Unstoppable Indians: Cisco CTO Padamasree Warrior