White Collar Workers Of America exposes USIN-PAC Foreign Meddling in US gov’t

white-collar-workers-of-america.org has an excellent exposé of unregistered foreign agents USIN-PAC and how they are meddling in the US gov’t + helping H-1B-dependent companies displace American workers.

Their spreadsheet detailing the H-1B-dependent companies is astonishing.

No wonder Americans can’t find good jobs – the entire STEM labor market in the US has been taken over and monopolized by India Incs.

And Is US India Political Action Committee’s Sanjay K Puri A Key Figure Behind The Scenes?

“Virginia has over 280 H-1B dependent employers (‘Bodyshops’), nearly 10% of those are in Reston, Virginia. Many of Virginia’s H-1B dependent employers are an hour or less from Washington DC.

Download Google doc of Virginia’s H-1B dependent employers spreadsheet and Reston’s H-1B dependent employers spreadsheet

“Sanjay K Puri is a particularly energetic individual at displacing American workers with H-1B, offshore outsourcing, trade groups, and political lobbying; primary reason why this post is focusing on 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston VA.

Due to proximity to Washington DC, Optimos products, ACEL360 mission, etc, appears Sanjay K Puri’s primary targets are Federal government contractors”.

US names India’s Anjali Bhardwaj for Anticorruption Champions Award

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

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