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Activists in Search of an Indian Cause in US

Study: Amnesty Will Cost ‘Hundreds of Billions’

“.@SenatorDurbin the immigration bill is terrible for American workers. Please fix your priorities.”

Foreign Worker Programs Sabotage Social Security and Medicare

Lockdown Interferes With Fundamental Human Rights, Says UK Conservative

Rush Limbaugh Laid to Rest in St. Louis Cemetery

Former French president Sarkozy convicted of corruption

America’s Absurd Foreign Policy – PaulCraigRoberts.org

Andy Ngo’s UNMASKED: Antifa—Not “Anarcho-Communism”, But Anarcho-Tyranny

‘Asylum Seekers’ Now Arriving in El Paso

Backlash: ‘Immigration Index’ Shows Rejection of Open Borders

Biden’s Assault on Gun Owners

Biden Pushes Border Problem Deeper Into U.S

Biden’s COVID relief bill is chock full of anti-white reverse racism

Charles Hurt: Revealed: The Answer to The Pandemic Is the American Individual

Clyburn: Filibuster Not Going to Be Used to Deny Minimum Wage Increase

CPAC Move to Florida Could be Permanent

Cruz: ‘Criminals, Murderers, Rapists’ Entering on Biden’s ‘Most Radical Immigration Plan Proposed in History’

Cuban-Americans, Wary of Biden Policies, Mark 25 Years Since Castro Murders of U.S. Citizens

Dems Block Rep. Andy Barr’s Amendment to Prevent COVID-19 Relief Funds from Going to China

DeSantis: U.S. Must Reject Amnesty, Weakness on China, Endless Wars

DHS Prepares Legal Welcome for Flood of Migrant Child Workers

DHS Preps for ‘Out of Control’ Border Rush

DHS to Bring in 200 Migrants Per Day From Mexico Camp

During Trump’s Presidency Many Refugee Agency Affiliates Closed

EU Warns Six Member States to End Border Restrictions

Farage: Britain is Paying France to Import COVID by Boat Migrants

Franklin Graham: Equality Act a ‘Smokescreen,’ Nothing to Do with Equality

Freedom of Assembly Under Fire

GA State Senate Passes Bill Requiring Photo ID for Absentee Voting

‘It’ll open us to espionage’ — NSA raises concerns over deployment of 5G

Judge Rules Arizona’s Maricopa County Must Turn Over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots To Senate

McAllen Officials Working With TSA, Border Patrol to Get Illegals on Flights Deeper Into US

No, We Don’t Need to Transform the American Food System

‘The Governor Wanted To Sleep With Me’: Cuomo Accused Of Sexually Harassing Second Former Aide

‘This is no longer asylum. This is what I call migratory invasion,’ says French philosopher Zemmour

World Economic Forum Tweets “Lockdowns Improving Cities”, Then Deletes Admitting It Was Wrong

“From America First To America Last” – Trump Blasts Biden, All But Announces 2024 Run In Lengthy CPAC Speech

“Socialism On A Global Scale”: Sky News Host Demolishes Davos Elites & “Great Reset” Scheme

40% vegetables, fruits get wasted in India

700 Alien Minors in Biden Processing Centers

African Migrants Burn Down Asylum Center in Spanish Enclave

Alleged Systemic Sexual Abuse of Women in Chinese Internment Camps

Amazon Cancels Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month

America’s elections must never be for sale

American Airlines Pilot Reports UFO over NM

AOC Blasts NYPD’s New “Robo-Surveillance Ground Drones” For Poor Neighborhoods

Archeologists Find Intact Ceremonial Chariot Near Pompeii

ATF Creating Law Without Legislative Authority

Attacks on French Police Officers Have Doubled in 20 Years

Banks, Financial Services Firms Next to Bow to ‘Woke Left,’ Ban Conservatives

Biden Accused of Hypocrisy over Syria Airstri

Biden’s Child Detention Centers Are Now Bursting at the Seams

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

Biden Eyes Private Sponsorship For Refugee Resettlement

Bill Maher Blasts New York’s “Insane” Woke School System

Blake Says He Would Rather Miss Olympics Than Get Vaccinated

Boebert at CPAC: Democrats Push Gun Laws to Control Americans

Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing In Moscow Due To Engine Trouble

Bollywood still links women’s beauty to fair skin, reveals AI

Border Officials Project 13,000 Child Migrants in May

Border Towns Bracing for Incoming Migrant Waves

Cawthorn at CPAC says Dems want to turn U.S. into ‘Communist ash heap’

China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world

China Recovery Stalls

Consuming diet high in poor quality carbohydrates linked to heart attacks

Court of Appeals Rules: YOU Have No Say in Whether YOUR Town Will Accept Refugees

Criminal Alien Amnesty Hiding in Biden Amnesty Bill

Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’ upon Seeing Jim Acosta at CPAC

Dems Begin Process Of Subverting Joe Biden In Pelosi Takeover Of Party

DHS Setting Up ANOTHER Tent Facility in Texas to Cope With Border Influx

Dog Stays With Injured Hiker in Freezing Italian Alps for 7 Nights Until Rescuers Airlift Them to Safety

Experts and Citizens Skeptical About Chinese Regime’s Poverty Eradication Claim

Fauci: People Who Get COVID-19 Vaccines Can ‘Start Doing Some of the Things That You Weren’t Able to Do Before’

ICE-Hating Groups Used Facebook to Incite Violence

Inside Blue Shield of California’s IT operating model

It’s not taken long to see the ramifications of a ‘weak left-wing Biden Presidency’

Italy Just Forced Uber Eats, Three Other Companies, To Hire 60,000 Workers

Josh Hawley: ‘Our Rights Come from God, Not Google’

Judge Rules Arizona’s Maricopa County Must Turn Over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots To Senate

Kat Cammack: COVID-19 Relief Bill Rewards Blue Lockdown States, Punishes Red Free States

Lawmaker Attempts to Fight Chicago Carjackings by Banning Video Games

Listening to Mark and Ron — a taste of America as it used to be (Levin and DeSantis)

Marlow Investigation Unmasks New Soros-Like Puppet Master, Unearths Media Deals w/Chinese Communists

Media Devoted Just 51 Seconds To Cuomo Nursing Home Scandal In 2020

Nearly 7 in 10 French Say ‘Islamo-Leftism’ a Major Problem

Non Profit Rejects Student Volunteer After She Wrote an Article on Free Speech

Number of Boat Migrants Reaching UK On Pace To Shatter Last Year’s Count

NV governor proposes giving tech firms power to govern

Obama’s New Muslim Podcast: Allah’s “Throwing Shade at Jews and Christians” | Frontpagemag

Open Borders Activists Thrilled as ‘Asylum Seekers’ Return to US

Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding the Wicked War on ICE?

Police Harass People For Walking, Sitting As Chief Admits ‘We’ve Had Enough, This Is Not Policeable’

Pompeo at CPAC: ‘We Were Willing to Challenge the Elites’

Prayer request for Mike (COVID, on ventilator)

Priest: Joe Biden Is ‘Most Aggressively Anti-Catholic President in History’

Progressive Policies Need to Be Fought Off by States: Rep. Steube

Refugee News Round-Up for February

Ric Grenell Hints at california gubernatorial Run

Rural Town Left out of Money, Hope After Keystone XL Shutdown

Sadiq Khan Demands Mail-in Voting for London Mayoral Election


S Dakotans ‘Devastated’ by Keystone Pipeline Cancellation, Governor Says

Socialism-In-Practice Was A Nightmare, Not Utopia

Grassroots Group Wants Probe into Stacey Abrams’ Org

Ted Cruz at CPAC: “Donald J. Trump Ain’t Going Anywhere”

Texas AG: Biden is ‘out of control,’ ‘overstepping his constitutional authority’

Trump Speech Highlights America’s Loss of Free and Fair Elections

The Danger Of The Administrative State

Trump Hammers First Month of Joe Biden Presidency

Trump, DeSantis Win Straw Poll…

Tucker: ‘Public Health Experts Are Scrambling to Avoid Humiliation’ of Pandemic-Response Failures

Smugglers Caught Hauling Over a Dozen Illegals Inside Ice Cream Truck

Student Suspended for “False Opinion” [semi-satire]

Trump: Big Tech Companies ‘Should Be Punished’ for Censoring Conservative Voices

Trump’s Save America PAC starts 2021 with more than $31M, filings show

U.S. Govt. Says UFO Disclosure Coming Soon

US drops demand for ‘safe harbour’ in global tax talks

Vaccine Passports Are A Technical & Ethical Minefield

Was COVID-19 Our Neutron Bomb?

Watch Communist China Celebrate Anal Swabbing Stupid Americans

We Are Witnessing A Last Minute Mass Exodus Before The Final Collapse Of Our Major Cities

Why The Capitol Riot Terrified The Elites

World Economic Forum Hails ‘Quieter’ Cities as Businesses Collapse During Lockdown


Gab Hacked; Group Promises ‘Gold Mine’ Of Info On ‘Militias, Neo-Nazis, QAnon’

Griddy loses access to Texas power grid, all its customers

Gavin Newsom Posts TikTok Video of Him and George Lopez Inside Off-Limits Restaurant

IKEA to increase sourcing of toys from India

Diablo 2: Resurrected

1984 Mac ReCrafted w Wood + Gold

30K Macs infected with “Silver Sparrow” virus; M1 Mac SSD health

Prototype Mac OS – An In Depth Look

Inside Twitter’s growing interest in Google Cloud

“Drunk” Roomba Robots Aimlessly Roam Homes Amid Major Software Glitch

Amazon launches CV service to detect defects in manufactured products

Autodesk to Acquire Innovyze for $1B

Band of AI startups launch ‘rebel alliance’ for interoperability

Best Linux Distributions Without systemd

Best Practices for Strengthening Your Security Posture

Best Wall Mounted Weather Stations

Blackouts Bring Up ‘Four-Letter Word’ in Texas

Bombardier Suffers Cyber Attack

Building a Home for Manufacturing Innovation in Marysville, Ohio

Chief Asks Jeep to Drop Use of ‘Cherokee’

Chinese Hackers Using Firefox Extension to Spy On Tibetan Orgs

Crypto Edges To Everyday Transactions

Did a Single Tweet Cost Elon Musk $15B?

Digitize Old Slides, Negatives, and Photo Prints with These Converters

Executive Order Paves Way for $37bn to Boost U.S. Chip Capacity

Experts Find a Way to Learn What You’re Typing During Video Calls

ExxonMobil Selling Assets for More than $1B

Facebook Algorithm Accuses 81-Year-Old Grandmother Of “Hate Speech” Over Knitted-Pigs Comment

Fed Payment System Crashes

Federal Judge Says California Can Enforce Net Neutrality Law

Fisker Taps Foxconn to Make ‘Emotion-Stirring’ Mystery Vehicle

Five easy tips to improve working from home networks

Former Utility CEO Pleads Guilty to Nuclear Plant Fraud

Future Customer Experience Will Be Bot-to-Bot Interaction

Google invests in open source security by funding Linux kernel devs

Google’s Secretive Blacklists

Huawei Plans New Electric Car As US Sanctions Crush Cellphone Business

Huawei Unveils Flagship Foldable Smartphone

Hyas raises $16 mil to accelerate cyberattack intercept tech

I helped build ByteDance’s censorship machine

Jaw-Dropping Solar Manufacturing Expansion by China Threatens US Industry

Kellogg Shifting Ohio Plant Production to Tennessee, Cutting 250 Jobs

Lexer raises $25.5 million to unlock insights from retailers’ customer data

Lockheed Gets Another $414M for Missile Production

Mars Team ‘Awestruck’ by Descending Rover Photo

Microsoft moves to push Windows 10 users to the cloud

Microsoft to cut perpetual Office support by 50%, raise price by 10%

Mobile Robot Safety Standard Published

Monkey Plays Video Games with Neuralink’s Brain Interface

Mysterious Return Of NASA’s Centaur Rocket

New Tech Could Cut Paper Industry Energy Costs By 30%

New Warships Pull onto Beaches

Pennsylvania Crafting Electric Vehicle Mandate

President of US Shipbuilder Resigns Following Investigation

Python developers want static typing


Reports Show Arsenic & Lead Among Other Heavy Metals in Baby Food

REVIEW: ‘Liftoff’

Russian Hackers Targeted Ukraine Authorities With Supply-Chain Malware

Seattle’s tech elite embroiled in AWS real estate investigation, lawsuit

Seismometers Broken at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Social Media Will Soon Face New Regulations In India


Target To Add 17 Dedicated In-Store Apple Shops

The High Cost of Counterfeit Networking Hardware

The Mac price crash of 2021

TikTok removed nearly 350,000 videos related to election misinfo

Toro Snowthrower Recalled Over Amputation Risk

Trackers Increasingly Switching to Invasive CNAME Cloaking

Transmit Sec

Twitter plans new tool to let users block, mute abusive accounts

USPS Selects Oshkosh Defense for Greener Trucks

Walmart to Invest $14B in Automation, Supply Chain

Watchdog Blasts FAA Over Boeing Jet

Watchdog reviews complaint about FBI surveillance warrant

Web Apps Can Interact With Your Filesystem Now

Western Union: 5G, AI, RTP Will Create New Digital Experiences

What’s next for remote workers? A virtual ‘watercooler’

Wildfire Victims Sue Former PG&E Execs

Will Purchasing Change Ever Happen?