A land army of 5 million racist Indians has invaded America.

There is no backlog.

Under US law you are all inadmisible aliens if Americans are out of work.

Right now tens of millions of Americans are out of work.

All of these people are temporary guests and were admitted for Y2K. They were supposed to go home in 2003 when it ended.

Now a couple million of them are screaming for green cards. A couple million is the size of 5 land armies of people.

And they demand the green cards now. Don’t they know because they overwhelmed the system they themselves caused the ‘backlog’ by not leaving when they were supposed to?

There never was supposed to be a backlog, and the US gov’t cannot possibly process such a large-scale invasion quickly. The gov’t doesn’t have the manpower. Go home and fix your own country, parasites. The US doesn’t owe you anything.

Invasion and takeover, America. Wake up.


Attorneys warn that it may be months, even up to a year, for the massive backlog to be cleared. Many of those who are riding on this boat of uncertainty, however, have solutions ready. A large number of H-4 EAD extension seekers are calling for doing away with the biometrics requirement, introduced by the Trump administration.

“If the biometrics are removed the extensions can be processed in time,” said Seema Shah, a Seattle resident who is in the line for EAD extension. “Also it is not clear as to why the biometrics are required for the dependents, especially when the biometrics are already collected when we get the visa in India and also every time we enter the United States.”

READ: Biometrics requirement lengthens H4 EAD processing time considerably (August 12, 2019)

Those awaiting work permits undergo another hardship on the personal front. Many are waiting for their visa extensions so that they can visit their home country India. In case of an emergency, it becomes a catch-22 situation for many“.


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