Americans built Silicon Valley and the bay area. Asians looted it. Now it’s a dump.

Of course it won’t – the bay area has been raped by tech robbers India + China. They have looted most of its industry + jobs and moved them all back to their own countries.

What happened to H-1Bs’ promise to keep American competitive?

What happened to their promise to create jobs for Americans?

Why does America continue to import more non-performers and industrial theives from predatory countries?

Why do we allow them and our companies to continue to do it?

Asian parasites moved in and kicked all the Americans out who created the place, now the parasites wonder why the Bay Area looks like hellhole India or China.

You did it. We left because you people trashed the place.

You were too busy taking by living off the decades of work we did.

Now the place is a dump. Enjoy it.

But don’t worry – diversity is our strength, right?

Well you people caused it. You didn’t keep CA competitive as promised. Highly skilled + talented.

Something needs to change alright – end Asia’s H-1B industrial spy program and send all the H-1B job robbers back to Asia. Give the jobs back to the Americans who created them and there will be no homeless problem.