18 Mysterious Archeological Artifacts That Should Not ...

Oh really?

What do you call “corruption of the flesh” (genetic engineering) the Bible mentions? The ancient Egyptians had genetic engineering as well as helicopters, airplanes, and batteries. Which was why God sent the flood to wipe out everything that had been corrupted.

The Bible also warned us that in the end times “There has never been a time like it from the founding of the world, no, nor shall there ever be again”.

The Bible also tells us in the end times 2/3 of humanity will be wiped out by war, famine, and disease.

All of these killing robots are being developed by globalists to wipe out most of humanity,

Twice-failed “tech CEO” conman Vivek Wadhwa lectures us again on subjects he knows nothing about.

There’s a reason Wadhwa is known all over Silicon Valley simply as “Fraudhwa”.