Criminal defamer of US tech workers and Wipro kingpin Azim Premji.

“Racial Justice and Social Equality” are, of course, excuses for these racist thieves to rob the developed nations of their industries and loot them back to the lazy 3rd world.

Azim Premji’s idea of “racial justice” is going on CNBC and defaming US tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent” – even though Silicon Valley was built by Americans and Wipro has destroyed several western companies including Lehman and others.

Wipro is a Hundu Supremacist racist job-robbing, H-1B visa fraud shop flooding America and other countries with cheap foreign labor below market rates and in violation of local immigration laws.

Wipro is organized crime.

These thieves are trying to legitimize what they are doing.

It is American workers who built all the world’s modern industries who need justice from these looters.

America demands industrial theft justice now.

Racist Wipro only hires Indians – in violation of 3 Federal laws and EEOC rules.