So a professor of psychology at some university is now an immigration “expert”. Has he ever been to Silicon Valley and seen the 95% Indian-occupied territory stolen from Americans by Indians?

Shove your way into someone else’s country, steal their jobs, shove them into the streets, then when they oppose you or restrict your job robbing looter visas, scream at them and tell them they’re a human rights violators.

India will use any sob-story excuse to rob jobs from Americans.

It is American workers who are having their human rights violated by India Inc staffing companies.

There are no mass visa programs for Americans to take jobs in India.


These desperate thieves are trying to guilt us into submission.

Don’t fall for it.

We built this country and we have immigration laws.

And India is violating them.

India Inc illegal foreign staffing companies are a human rights violation on Americans – the right to live and work in your own country and have your own laws upheld.

India’s H-1B warfare on the American middle class is what is a human rights abuse. Indians never had it so good in all of world history. We’ve haanded them Silicon Valley and 5,000,000 tech jobs for free.

For free.

India thinks the world is its cookie jar. From temporary Y2K guest workers in 1998 to armies of millions of thieves demanding to break down the doors and stay forever.

It’s how India rolls.

The Biden administration should hire more foreign workers, once the current green card backlog issue is addressed.

Inordinate delay in extending visas and work permits, which has led to a number of H-4 and L-2 visa holders losing their jobs, is a human rights issue and should be addressed, a prominent expert said.

“Insurmountable visa processing delays are a human rights issue that absolutely can and should be addressed,” Christopher J. L. Cunningham, a professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, told the American Bazaar.

H-1B visas are a human rights abuse on American workers.

Tech CEO thrown in the clink for seven years for H-1B gang-master role: Crim farmed out foreign staff as cheap labor • The Register

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes | ICE

Tata Consultancy Services Fined $940 Million in Trade Secrets Lawsuit, Will Appeal |

Apple self-driving car project: Chinese engineer charged with stealing secrets – CNN

His body was behind the wheel for a week before it was found. This was his life

Stealing Apple. A human rights abuse on American workers. Indians never had it so good.

Stealing Microsoft – India’s human rights abuse on American workers.

Stealing PayPal – India’s human rights abuse on American workers.

Just look at all those human rights abuses. Indians have 95% of all IT jobs.