Because of the India Inc racist staffing companies which only hire Indians, that’s why.

Where is the EEOC?

Why don’t you just have the FBI raid all the India Incs for visa fraud, arrest them, and put them out of business?

After all, they are violating Title 8 and EEOC rules.

What these people are doing is organized crime and it is easy to shut them all down.

Talk is cheap. Grassley has been promising to stop this for over 25 years.

90% of all American tech workers are unemployed right now because of the India Inc monopoly on hiring. Crack down and enforce EEOC laws.


Sure. US Census Bureau, or just hop a flight to Silicon Valley and look around. What was once 98% Americans is now 90% Indians and 5% Chinese.

Do we have to draw you a diagram?

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Do you need more proof?