Since when does the WTO, World Bank, or India Incs have any say in US immigration? These globalist communists think they get to dictate US immigration policy – and how many job robbing looters from India can be shoved into the US to steal jobs from Americans.

India is using the US as its cookie jar.

The article also admits 70% of Silicon Valley jobs have been stolen by Indians, and that the number of job robbers residing in the west is in the millions, not a few hundred thousand.

India Inc RICO staffing companies use 3X more H-1B visas than do native companies such as Mircosoft.

Loot and remit, die for dollars, outfox the Yankees.

Shouldn’t Americans actually have a say in the immigration policies of their own country?

“Global talent race” is codeword for international socialism. Job redistribution from Americans to Indians. Communism.

India Incs of course don’t allow global competition for talent. Once they come to America they make sure only Indians get tech jobs and everyone else is kept out of the workforce.

The Indian Inc RICO staffing invasion began 1998-2000 – and Americans

have become more + more shoved out of the US workforce ever since.