Because the corporate lobby is manipulating the labor market to illegally suppress wages and it hires lobbyists to do so in DC.

Not to mention all the India Incs who provide the cheap labor, NASSCOM, their lobby, and groups like USIN-PAC and which also illegally lobby our gov’t.

Plus jealous failed loser pols hate American programmers who earn more than they do.

What are you doing about NASSCOM and USIN-PAC?

Mr. Gosar we invite you to discuss the issue with us in depth.

Our pols continue to conspire, collude, and work with foreign gov’ts to illegally replace American workers.

Indian Mafia continues to perpetuate the myth that Americans cannot do the work when it was Americans who created and built Silicon Valley.

@RepGosar Because often, there are not enough American citizens with the education and skills to perform certain jobs.”

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