Rep. Paul Gosar of AZ is one of the few in the US gov’t trying to expose what a huge fraud the OPT program is – employers get a 15% tax break by employing them, and OPT workers displace and undercut American worker’s wages. It’s another cheap foreign labor indentured pipeline program for America’s rigged labor market.

The program must be ended now.

Gosar mentions how only 1 in 3 young STEM grads in America can find a job in STEM and only 1 in 2 in STEM overall can. That’s a nearly 70% unemployment rate for new CS grads. Yet shills such as former immigration lawyer Stuart Anderson over @ Forbes continue to tell us unemployment in the computer field is low.

The situation is far worse then both Malkin and Gosar realize – Silicon Valley, which was built by Americans is now 90% occupied by foreign workers and foreign staffing companies.

India + China are stealing our companies and our jobs.

Mr. Gosar, we invite you to contact us @ info <at> to discuss the real depth of this disaster on American workers.

Who built America’s top tech companies? Not foreign H-1B or OPT workers.

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

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