Bloomberg: Visa Workers Take 2/3rds of New Tech Jobs Each Year: Breitbart

They sure are racist.

Even left-leaning Bloomberg now admits 2/3 of all US tech jobs are now taken by foreign workers.

Tens of millions of Americans are out of work.

All of these workers are illegal under Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection (5) of US law.

The racist Indian Mafia now controls most hiring in the US.

Our tech industry is now occupied by a foreign power on US soil.

The US gov’t must act now. EEOC and DOL must step in and stop the systemic racism by India against America.

The Indian mafia operating on US soil is now systematically keeping Americans out of jobs.

In their own country.

And it’s lot more than 2/3. More like 95%.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of 95% racist Indian job robbers.

Microsoft – 100% Indians.

Racist only hires Indians – violating at least 3 US Federal laws.

India + China are stealing Apple.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of systemic institutionalized Indian Mafia racism.

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

Chinese engineer charged with stealing Apple car secrets

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