That’s it Nadella – cover up Asians’ crimes on Americans for 3 decades.

Crimes such as stealing Silicon Valley and 5,000,000 STEM jobs from Americans who created them.

Asians are on a rampage screaming white racism, when in fact, they are the most racist people in America.

They have succeeded in systematically removing most white and black Americans from tech jobs.

Institutionalized racism by India Inc illegal foreign staffing companies is rampant all over the US. Asians are in overdrive screaming to cover up their economic hate crimes on the American people.

Don’t fall for this red herring – it’s white American workers who are being excluded and oppressed.

The Indian Mafia’s favorite tactic has always been LOOK! OVER THERE! when anyone dares expose what they are doing in America.

By hiring US PR and lobbying firms, Asians have succeeded in largely keeping their economic warfare on non-Asians quiet.

Demanding industrial theft justice is not a hate crime.

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered. This Was His Life. – The New York Times

The dangerous racist Asian Nazi Cancer infecting America is the real hate crime going on today.

Y2K visa overstayers Asian Americans have never had it so good as they have it in America right now.

If you want to see real systemic racism, this is it.

Racist RICO EEOC violator illegal foreign India Inc staffing companies are the real hate groups in America.

India Inc InfoSys holds the US record for the biggest H-1B visa fraud crime in American history – $35 million.

InfoSys supplies 1000s of illegal foreign workers to Microsoft every year to displace American workers.

Hate crimes or industrial theft justice? Americans are merely demanding back the industry that was stolen from

them by Asians. Do these people look “oppressed” to you? They all have jobs in America. White Americans don’t.

Accenture is another systematic H-1B violator and oppressor of non-Indians in America.

Racist organized crime syndicate Wipro defames and displaces American workers illegally every

day in America. DOJ + EEOC do nothing. Asians are the real hate crime perps in America. Wipro also helped

cause the 2008 Wall St. collapse of Lehman after it displaced 1000s of that company’s American workers.

Lehman is no more. Wipro‘s founder, Azim Premji, right, regularly defames US workers as Wipro’s workers collapse

US companies. Wipro is a fake looting racket, not an “IT company”. Not to mention being liars + thieves.

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes | Department of Justice

Armies of Asians conduct systemic economic hate crimes on Americans @ Apple.

At what point do temporary foreign guest workers from Asia become “Asian Americans”? is an unregistered foreign terrorist organization targeting Americans for removal from jobs in the US.

Asians are the real hate crime perps in the west. And this racist is a professor at Oxford in England.

Collabera – another Asian-occupied organized hate crime group. More than anything else, Asians use the cover of

business to carry out their systemic economic warfare on non-Asians in the workplace. If anyone dares expose

what they are doing, they instantly scream “Anti-Asian racism”.

Like Cornell, Stanford has special Asian-only programs which keep other races out of school.

“Asian Chamber of Commerce” in TX. Total racists.

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Go ahead and scream anti-Asian hate crimes all you want.

Asians have one goal in the workplace: keep the Rest of The World out of jobs.

Asians are the real racists in America. Where is the diversity?

Just look at all that discrimination against Asians.

100% Nazi India Inc racism in the workplace – a violation of 3 Federal laws.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – 100% Indians. Nazi Racists and EEOC violators.

Asian hate in the workplace on non-Asian workers has driven at least 2/3 of the American workforce from jobs.

Before the Asian invasion began in 1998-2000, Americans’ participation in the US workforce rose for over 3


Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of the real hate crimes on Americans. The Indian

Mafia now owns and controls Silicon Valley and 95% of its jobs are now occupied by these racists.

EEOC and DOJ do nothing.

Inside Nadella’s Microsoft, it’s 100% Indians. 100%. Stealing US tech companies built by Americans is Asians’

biggest hate crime on American workers. Americans are being targeted for removal from jobs by the Nazi Indian

Mafia – a total hate crime. Asians are stealing Silicon Valley. Where is the EEOC or DOJ?

100% racist Indians @ Nadella’s Microsoft. 100%.

Asians have created 1000s of Asian-only PACs and groups across America to exclude all non-Asians.

Indian racists get together to conspire to keep non-Indians out of STEM jobs. In America.

We can assure you Asians do not believe in diversity. Total Nazi racists.

100% Indians at work. Expose what they are doing and they will scream oppression and racism.

Even Twitter is run by the Indian Mafia. They sure look oppressed.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens | U.S. Code

The result of mass Asian discriminaton in the workplace is mass homelessness in America – which didn’t exist in

1998 or before – all due to racist mass foreign worker invasion driving Americans from their jobs.

50,000 racist Indians pack a stadium in Houston, TX demanding new US laws be passed giving most green cards

to Indians for the next 10 years. If there are hate crimes going on in the US, this is it. Systemic racism.

Asians’ economic hate crimes on white Americans who built Silicon Valley – the greatest theft in US, and possibly world history.

Hitler is very popular in India. Google it.

Even Bill Gates admits “We’re really cracked in the head to give our best companies away to parasite thieves from Asia”.

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