They sure are struggling.

So what?

India Inc illegal staffing companies have been crippling the lives of tens of millions of US tech workers for decades.

These people aren’t even supposed to be here and are working in violation of Title 8 of US law.

The US gov’t is politely trying to tell these job-robbing parasites to leave the country as they promised when Y2K ended in 2003.

More sob stories out of the Indian Mafia which now holds 95% of all IT jobs in America.

Send them home now. 30 million unemployed Americans need those jobs.

It’s the law.

It’s American workers who are suffering and being oppressed, not Indians.

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered. This Was His Life. – The New York Times