“Those damned Silicon Valley workers are paid too much. Put a stop to them now, Bob”.

Of course, Reich was Clinton’s labor secretary and along with Bill Clinton + Alan Greenspan engineered the dot-com bust in the late 1990’s by flooding America with millions of cheap foreign workers from India.

Back then Greenspan was really upset with all the “irrational exhuberance” (i.e. prosperity) going on in America.

It was really just a normally functioning economy before meddlers got their hands on it. Not a bubble of any kind. Funny how China’s bubble has been going strong for 30 years. China is protectionist – oh yeah, and it doesn’t have mysterious “business cycles”. It also doesn’t let independent corporate central bankers run its money system.

Riech/Clinton/Greenspan covered their crimes on the American people by saying it was a “dot-com bubble“, but the fact is Silicon Valley was so productive when Americans ran it that it would have kept the US economy booming indefinitely.

But banksters and their gov’t minions don’t like too much prosperity – that’s bad for the loan business and might put banks out of business since without interest (profits) from debt, bankers have no business. Everyone was paying their loans off in the late 1990’s – thanks to American tech workers who built Silicon Valley. But Greenspan + Reich meddled in (rigged) the economy and wrecked it deliberately. Silicon Valley’s high-paying jobs were sent offshore and American skilled workers who built it were replaced with armies of cheap foreign workers from India + China. There was no “bubble” – bankers just hate strong economies.

Now Bob’s in warp-speed damage-control mode to cover up the Clinton admin’s mass crimes on the American people.

Bill Clinton signed H-1B worker visa increases in 1998 + 2001 which flooded the US with millions of foreign workers from India and China. He also allowed Indian companies such as Tata, Wipro, InfoSys, and Cognizant to open shop and begin their illegal wage-fixing human-trafficking rackets in the US.

Clinton’s VP Al Gore told the American people in 1992 that NAFTA would have “vast economic benefits” for Americans.

The opposite happened. China, India, and Mexico all benefited off free trade and they moved into the US to steal US jobs and move most US industry to their countries.

Bob Reich + his policies are an epic fail.

The man should be in prison – along with the other 2 traitors and Hillary Clinton who helped perpetrate the crimes.

All of what transpired was and is illegal under Title 8 of Federal law.

The real question Reich is how much $ did corporate lobbies pay you in 1998 to flood the US with millions of cheap foreign workers from India to wipe out America’s tech workforce? Reich even did a 1995 interview with CBS TV in which he defended the cheap foreign labor invasion saying “there would be howls” in DC if the cheap labor pipeline was cut off.

Another DC market-rigging criminal.

When was the last time you heard anyone policing the Federal Reserve and their illegal market-tampering policies which rig markets in bankers’ favor?

Wage-fixing, market-rigging criminal Hillary Clinton conspired with the gov’t of India to replace American workers

with cheap foreign labor – a Federal crime under market manipulation laws.

Alan Greenspan – market-rigger extraordinairé – and Federal criminal.

Zuckerberg works for Modi.

Few people in America today under age 35 know that in 1998 the US had: 1) a tax surplus, 2) zero homelessness, 3) low unemployment, 4) no drug or addiction crises, 5) few problems. But then Reich/Clinton/Greenspan passed mass foreign worker visa increases in 1998 and 2000, an the US economy has been on a downward spiral ever since.

The US workforce participation rate was rising for decades until Reich’s 1998 + 2001 visa worker increases. The US labor participation rate has been plummeting ever since. American workers are being deliberately excluded from jobs.