“I am part of the backlogged community of immigrants stuck in 100+ year backlogs due to discriminatory Per-Country limits”

There is no backlog.

You were supposed to be Y2K temporary guest workers who originally agreed to leave the US in 2003 when Y2K ended.

But instead millions of you somehow managed to move in, takeover all STEM jobs and Silicon Valley, and never leave.

You’re lying.

There is no backlog. Those jobs belong to American citizens under Title 8.

You’re all working here illegally.

When is a temporary guest worker a non-immigrant immigrant? In 5,000,000 cases where they all move in, take over, and never leave.

Y2K visa overstayers from India are the real non-constituents.

Giving 95% of all green cards to Indians for the next 15 years is not “fairness”. It’s institutionalized racism.

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Built by Americans, taken over by armies of non-immigrant Y2K visa overstayers who

are now screaming for millions of illegal green cards.