Way too much invasion/H-1B news today so we’ll just dump the links here.

Racism in the West is no secret, but are we not guilty too?

Indian-origin Ex-Microsoft exec tried to swindle $5.5 mil out of taxpayers w COVID-19 relief

The incredible irony of an Indian MP lamenting racism in Britain

“And stagnant wages are caused by flooding the labor market with foreign workers.”

U.S. tech wants to work more with China

US Military Official: ‘China and Russia May Be Collaborating’ South of US Border

Trump Blasts Biden Admin’s Open Borders Agenda: “It’s Going to Get Much Worse”

Gates Gets Billions

NDTV Frauds V2.0 – The Real Culprit

Rubio Wants to Investigate Sister City Relationships With China

Joe And Kamala Are Creating A New Slave Trade On The Southern Border

Indian American ‘JD’ Diganvker running for highway commissioner in Illinois township

Rick Scott’s Amnesty Could Put 1.5M Illegal Aliens on Track for U.S. Citizenship

India Inc has had enough of work from home

How the Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse for Totalitarian Govt

GOP Congressmen: American Dream and Promise Act Sends Message That Illegal Immigration Will Be Rewarded

Shanghai close to overtaking London as world’s second finance centre

Denmark to Limit ‘Non-Western’ Residents in Neighborhoods to 30 Per Cent

DHS Chief Says Border Numbers on Track to Be Highest in 20 Years

DHS Officials Warned Biden Transition Team About Revoking Trump Border Policies, Former Top Adviser Says

Cognizant U.S. Foundation renews investment in CodePath to improve racial representation in tech

‘Is It Too Early to Demand Firing of DHS Chief Mayorkas?’

Biden’s Hand Magically Floats Through Mic: The Media Is Lying To You

Biden administration urged to implement H-1B visa programme reforms

Up to 50 Percent of Illegal Immigrants Estimated to Have COVID-19: National Sheriff’s Assoc.

“.@LeaderHoyer has long supported displacement of American STEM workers through the use of H-1B visas.”

“RPAZ Chairwoman Kelli Ward and U.S. Rep Paul Gosar provide an update on the efforts to ensure election integrity”

“The writing is on the wall. The White race is being slated for genocide. This isn’t hyperbole, it’s not exaggeration. The White race is being targeted for extinction”

“Referring to White people as a disease is probably not a great way to convince us not to be racist. But go ahead and keep demonizing us. See how far that gets you.”

Congressional Democrats urge Biden to cut defense spending

Biden Issues Gag Order so Border Agents Can’t Ring the Alarm in the Press

Biden Says He Has No Plans Yet to Visit Southern Border Amid Migrant Surge – YouTube

Biden Admin Has ‘Erased the Border’ – Tucker Carlson Reports From El Salvador

Daughter of NY Senator Told Asian Americans to ‘Go Back to China’ in Racist Rant

“The US Chamber of Commerce sends their regards”

‘Racism’ against Indian student in Oxford figures in RS

Zionists have hijacked Biden admin’s foreign policy posts: ex-Senate candidate

Attorneys Question Logic Of Policy Blocking Business Visas In Europe