There go another 400K jobs every single year – on top of the additional 400K jobs stolen by the H4 visa program and the 85K+ jobs stolen every year by the H-1B and OPT programs. Not to mention the millions of kids of all these Y2K Visa Overstayers popped out since 2000 – all of whom were just granted free citizenship with Biden’s new American Citizenship Act.

This is foreign invasion folks. We’re being invaded by army-sized mobs of foreign job predators.

There are only so many jobs in America (160 million to be exact), and there are only so many that can survive the onslaught of millions of foreign predatory workers stealing them.

Biden is a foreign agent working for India and China.

375,000 would be nearly triple the disastrous number of 195,000/yr approved by traitor Bill Clinton when he signed the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act in 2000. That increase led to most of the economic collapse + homelessness we still see today – because instead of leaving when they were supposed to, the invaders took over American companies and displaced Americans. Another 400K stolen jobs per year would likely be the end of the American economy as we know it – which is just what predators India + China want for us.

And consider that back in the day when the 2000 disaster increases were made to H-1B, the US had no homeless problem, the economy was booming, we had little competition, and most Americans had good jobs. Not so today with an estimated 20-30 million Americans out of work, and a huge homeless problem in most major metro areas. Another massive increase in foreign job robber invaders now would be an even bigger disaster for America.

Forget the graphs shown in the article, the 2 real graphs you need to see are:


Foreign job robbers have been killing America for decades. Any further increases would destroy America forever.