Because working 80 hours a week to create lots of cool stuff for other people to use sure is unjust.

The real injustice is Cook’s + Apple’s illegal sysemtic abuse of the H-1B visa system and illegal displacement of US workers under Title 8 of Federal law.

All this nonsense about “systemic injustice” is just a cover for the mass replacement of white Americans who built Silicon Valley.

Americans build the tech companies, Asian parasites move in + steal them.

The real injustice in America is mass Industrial Theft Injustice on American workers.

Why isn’t Cook in prison? After all, he’s knowingly doing mass H-1B visa fraud @ Apple.

Don’t try to distract from your illegal activities, Captain Cook. Americans know full well what you are doing.

Apple hiring data shows increasingly diverse workforce | AppleInsider

In other words, Apple is getting rid of white people. Apple is Systemic Industrial Theft on white American workers.

The real systemic injustice in America: stealing Silicon Valley from those who created it.

No you didn’t – Americans did. Stop the lies, thief.

Look who’s talking. You hate people with white skin because of India’s hangups about British colonization 150 years ago. You come into our country and target us for removal from the workforce based on race, then you cry about it? You started it.

Economic terrorist much?

Raghu Suri + his buddies really created the Mac. Everyone else is lying. Right Raghu?

Tim Cook’s idea of systemic justice is removing most Americans who built Apple and replacing them with failed

losers from Asia who have never built anything. America makes, the world takes. It’s Tim Cook’s motto. Silicon

Valley is full of systemic racism alright, but it’s not white Americans who are doing it.

Apple is one of the largest abusers of the H-1B visa programs in America. Apple is violating Title 8 of US law.

Since Steve Jobs’ death in 2011 Apple has consistently been one of the largest abusers of the H-1B visa.

We can assure you, foreign workers did not build Apple.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

The real systemic injustice in America: 20 years of US corporations throwing American workers into the streets.