It’s odd that the White House is issuing statements such as these when Silicon Valley and nearly all of the 5,000,000 US tech jobs in America are occupied by foreign workers – mostly Indian + Chinese.

Silicon Valley was stolen from its white American creators, but the White House seeems to care less.

Most of the US gov’t’s push to “combat systemic racism” seems to be an attempt to silence white Americans who are merely demanding enforcement of Title 8 of US law, and for a return to Industrial Theft Justice.

The truth is millions of Americans are being oppressed and exlcuded from the workforce by foreign workers.

It’s a shame hypocritical Joe Biden is run by racial hate group lobby USIN-PAC.

Since the Asian invasion began in 2000, American workers have been systemically excldued from the labor force.

Federal data proves this.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – the real home of sysemtic racism by Asians on white Americans.

China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army – the face of systemic racism.