THIS is the cause of homelessness in America today: racist illegal India Inc staffing companies such as WIpro

which only hire Indians – and deliberately target Americans for removal from their jobs.

Another American city falls to foreign job robber invasion.

Just look at the disaster mass Asian job robber invasion has created in America.

Santa Cruz, CA is just south of Silicon Valley over Highway 17.

As in so many other cities in CA, mass foreign invasion + job loss have driven Americans from their homes.

20 years ago before the invasion, Santa Cruz was a paradise – the California dream made manifest.

But no longer.

The job robber invasion began in 1998 + 2000 when the racist H-1B visa program was expanded from 65,000 job robbers per year to 115,000, then again to 195,000 in 2000.

The result has been a total disaster for America.

In 1998 before the invasion, the US had:

  • No homelessness.
  • No drug or unemployment epidemics.
  • A massive Federal tax surplus.
  • Plenty of good jobs for all Americans.
  • Very few problems.

But after 23 years of millions of illegal H-1B job thieves and their India Inc illegal staffing company overlords targeting Americans for removal from the job market, things are very different in America.

And even with all the job robbing going on, why didn’t India Incs create more jobs for Americans as promised?

We’re being duped. Asia is stealing our industries.

Mass homelessness in America is being driven by mass job replacement of American workers.

Homelessness is caused by joblessness.

Homelessness cannot be solved in America until Americans are given back their stolen jobs.

It’s that simple.

Please donate to today to save displaced American workers targeted in their jobs by India Incs.

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