That’s racist.

Foreign Agent Biden wasn’t kidding when he said Indians are taking over this country.

Not to mention foreign takeover of our gov’t and foreign interference by foreign powers.

Just whom is donut addict Duckworth working for and taking $ from? India? AAPI? China?


AAPI is a racist hate group.

Duckworth, Hirono change course on Biden nominees after White House conversations on AAPI representation

Senator Duckworth drops ultimatum to top White House officials

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

“Senator Duckworth appreciates the Biden administration’s assurances that it will do much more to elevate AAPI voices and perspectives at the highest levels of government, including appointing an AAPI senior White House official to represent the community, secure the confirmation of AAPI appointments and advance policy proposals that are relevant and important to the community,” said Ben Garmisa, a spokesperson for Duckworth.

“Accordingly, she will not stand in the way of President Biden’s qualified nominees — which will include more AAPI leaders,” Garmisa said.

Stop AAPI Hate

OK, we will when you will.

Tracy Resident Convicted of 21 Counts of “H-1B” Visa Fraud and Two Counts of Aggravated Identity Theft | USAO-EDCA | Department of Justice