Indians’ idea of “fairness” – 100% Indians.

Y2K visa overstayers and racist jobs robbers have formed all kinds of groups to try to illegally influence our gov’t.

These people all came in under false pretenses starting in 1998-2001 on H-1Bs and H4 visas. Millions of them. The American people were told they would be here only temporarily for Y2K and then leave when it was over. It ended in 2003.

They never left, and instead 1.5 million of them filed for green cards, illegally.

All of this of course violates Title 8 of US law since as they have harmed American workers and displaced them out of jobs, they were Inadmissible Aliens under US law.

RICO immigration lawyers helped them do it.

They’re non-constiuents, have no voting rights, and as such are not allowed to influence US gov’t policy. How can non-voters be allowed to influence the US gov’t?

But now they’re in the streets once again harrassing the gov’t into letting them stay forever.

Millions of them.

This is a mass invasion on a larger-than military scale, folks. 10X a military scale, in fact. We’re being invaded. Tens of millions of Americans are in the streets now and out of jobs because of this garbage that is being allowed to go on in our country.

Many of the illegal workers formed their own illegall staffing companies and filed for more H-1B visas by doing visa fraud. It’s mass organized crime.

There is no green card backlog. These people were never supposed to be in the US for decades, nor were they ever supposed to get green cards.

But now they’re out in force, demanding our gov’t – the gov’t that is supposed to represent US citizens – do their bidding.

Another question is: why is every single person in the Green Card Backlog Coalition Indian?

Green Card Backlog Coalition on Twitter: “We are ready to advocate for the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, and these are our reasonable asks for the skilled immigrants, their families, and the children who are aging out/aged out. @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas #Immigration”

There is nothing reasonable about you invading the US, driving 5,000,000 American citizens from their jobs and into the streets, all the while claiming to be temporary guest workers, opening your own H-1B shops, filing for more fake H-1Bs, doing mass organized crime, stealing Americans’ resumes and pasting Indians’ names on them for jobs. There is nothing reasobable about anything you are doing. You are all Y2K visa overstayers, Title 8 violators, and organized crime. And now it is time for you to go. On top of that, you are all unreasonable racists. And if they are so skilled then why are Americans training them?

Subash on Twitter: “@GCBCoalition @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas @RepZoeLofgren @RepRoybalAllard @NydiaVelazquez @RepJudyChu @RepYvetteClarke @RepKarenBass @HouseDemocrats @HouseJudiciary @SenateDems @JudiciaryDems High skilled immigrants have the capabillity to boost the economy, reduce unemployment by creating new job opportunities and preserve the greatness of the USA. Help us contribute by taking the knife of visa denial off our necks. Fasttrack legal immigrants’ path to citizenship.”

In 1998 when Americans ran the economy, the US was booming, had no homeless problem, nor any other problems for that matter. You promised to create jobs for Americans 2 decades ago and failed to do so. Instead you displaced them from their jobs and threw them into the streets. You failed to create jobs as promised, the tax base has collapsed, and now it is time for you to go. You are an utter failure for America and Americans have had enough. Some Americans have even died because of what you are doing.

See the growth rate of Americans working in America from 1950 until 2000? Well, that all ended when the H-1B visa caps were raised in 1998 and 2000, which flooded America with millions of racist job robbers from India. Ever since, Americans have been driven from the workforce forever. Stop the lies about creating jobs. You are taking jobs. From Americans.

No you didn’t. Americans built it. You merely invaded and took it over. Theft does not equal innovation.

karthik on Twitter: “@Damu_AP21 @Always4Equality @GCBCoalition @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas @RepZoeLofgren @RepRoybalAllard @NydiaVelazquez @RepJudyChu @RepYvetteClarke @RepKarenBass @HouseDemocrats @HouseJudiciary @SenateDems @JudiciaryDems “Time waste is a Total waste “ People spend a lot of time in social media for searching and seeking relief for their inequalities. For every hour passed, America is wasting millions of high skilled legal immigrants productive man-hour’s. Please help to solve decades issue.”

“Decades issue” is because were supposed to leave in 2003 – 18 years ago. The gov’t is trying to quietly tell you to leave. You’re not getting green cards since you’re only temporary guests, remember? Is 18 years temporary? If not then what is? There is no issue, there is no backlog. You’re all working illegally in violation of Title 8 and displacing American workers.

AG on Twitter: “@GCBCoalition @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas @RepZoeLofgren @RepRoybalAllard @NydiaVelazquez @RepJudyChu @RepYvetteClarke @RepKarenBass @HouseDemocrats @HouseJudiciary @SenateDems @JudiciaryDems Early EAD itself would be a much needed relief. Expecting folks to be dependent on an employer for their continued stay in the US for a period of 20 years is ridiculous, which is what just having an approved I140 does. Economic cycles change, companies tank, your bosses change.”

Staying the US for 20 years while calling yourselves temporary guest workers is ridiculous. Companies tank because you destroyed them and didn’t keep the US economy going as promised. Just ask Boeing, Intel, Lehman, or Sun Microsystems. You brought in because companies want captive workers. They’re not about to give you your freedom. Give it up.

AG on Twitter: “@GCBCoalition @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas @RepZoeLofgren @RepRoybalAllard @NydiaVelazquez @RepJudyChu @RepYvetteClarke @RepKarenBass @HouseDemocrats @HouseJudiciary @SenateDems @JudiciaryDems Health issues crop up! To tide through all these changes and maintain your legal status through the same employer is nearly impossible for anyone! The system is self defeating. We need a CHANGE, at least enough relief for folks to continue WITHOUT employer dependency”

It’s 100 million American workers who need relief – whom you have permanently removed from the workforce. You’ve had jobs for 20 years. You’ve never had it so good. Americans are the ones dying in the streets because you displaced them from their jobs. You’ve had a good run. But not it is time for you to go.

hbstr17 on Twitter: “@GCBCoalition @POTUS @VP @PressSec @SenatorMenendez @RepLindaSanchez @RonaldKlain @AliMayorkas @RepZoeLofgren @RepRoybalAllard @NydiaVelazquez @RepJudyChu @RepYvetteClarke @RepKarenBass @HouseDemocrats @HouseJudiciary @SenateDems @JudiciaryDems @elonmusk do something about this too so that skilled immigrants can work for spaceX 😓😪🤣”

If you were skilled Americans would not be training you. We all know India is here to steal our tech and jobs and move them back to India. Why doesn’t India have reusable rockets? You’re all smarter than we are. You want into SpaceX to displace Americans and to steal SpaceX’s tech. After a few years Raghu Suri will be claiming Indians built SpaceX (which was built by Americans). US Federal law bans any foreign worker from working in any company that works on rockets. Too bad for you. You’ll never work @ SpaceX, thief. Fix your own country, failed, jealous losers.

We always knew India Inc mafia wanted SpaceX jobs

Free photo: Spacex, Rocket, Team - Free Image on Pixabay - 726094

SpaceX appears to employ exactly 3 Indians. They sure do lust after what others earned. Americans work 80 hours

a week building awesomeness, Indian failed loser parasites move in and take over. It’s how Indians roll. SpaceX

won’t be the next looted Silicon Valley this time.

Green Card Backlog Coalition on Twitter: “.@RepZoeLofgren: Congress must end discrimination, end indentured servitude of Asian immigrants. 📌Put “Fairness bill” for a vote NOW! @POTUS @VP @WHCOS @PressSec @SecMayorkas @WhiteHouse #LofgrenSwiftlyMeansNever #VoteYesForFairnessBill #StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate”

It’s Indians who are doing the mass discrimination. Just ask Microsoft where they have taken every job.

We don’t need anymore mass racists in America screaming for green cards so they can take over the country.

Green Card Backlog Coalition on Twitter: “📍#StopAsianHate 64 days of neglect from @WhiteHouse 🚫NO progress helping Asian families in #GreenCardBacklog @RepZoeLofgren, Bring Fairness Bill for a vote. @POTUS prioritize #Immigration to recapture unused green cards & remove country caps. @VP @PressSec @WHCOS @SecMayorkas”

OK, you go first.

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90% Indians are resumes in IT in USA are fake?

Hassan M.Ahmed on Twitter: “@frontline_in @POTUS @VP @RepZoeLofgren @HouseDemocrats @lalitkjha @immivoice @TheH1BGuy @csmikolajuk @pranav_singh_MD @raj_karnatak Equal opportunity for everyone by persentag %”

Doesn’t look like “equal opportunity for everyone” to us.

Leon Fresco on Twitter: “#StopAsianHate. Here is as good a place as any to make progress!! This is an actual government document issued every month treating people from China, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines worse than people from other places.”

How much H-1B visa fraud are you doing in your law office Fresco? And why do you constantly fly to India? Are you working for them? It’s Asians who are doing the hate in America: driving Americans from their jobs forever. And you’re enabling it. And why are you working for Chuck Schumer? They’re treated worse than everyone else because they are worse thieves and racists than everyone else. What goes around comes around, as they say.

The real Asian Hate in America: jealous Asians taking over companies built by Americans.

Frontline Healthcare Workers in Greencard Backlog on Twitter: “Frontline healthcare workers protesting against 150 years greencard backlog!! @POTUS @VP @RepZoeLofgren @HouseDemocrats @lalitkjha @immivoice @TheH1BGuy @csmikolajuk @pranav_singh_MD @raj_karnatak”

You didn’t help America recover as promised, and you’re displacing and blocking US doctors and medical workers. The backlog should be 1,500 years, not 150. We think you’ve taken enough from us.

Green Card Backlog Coalition on Twitter: “.@RepZoeLofgren: Congress must end discrimination, end indentured servitude of Asian immigrants. 📌Put “Fairness bill” for a vote NOW! @POTUS @VP @WHCOS @PressSec @SecMayorkas @WhiteHouse #LofgrenSwiftlyMeansNever #VoteYesForFairnessBill #StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate”

The entire purpose of H-1B/H4 is indentured servitude so you can’t change jobs. That is why you were brought into the US. Don’t be delusional. The only reason you are here is because you are slaves. Corporate America is never going to give you your freedom. They might as well hire Americans if they are going to do that.