Trust us, it’s not Asians who are suffering in America. It’s white Americans. At the hands of Asian job robbers.

They all came here illegally. They illegally displaced Americans. They stole most of our top tech companies. They did and are doing mass H-1B visa fraud. They were supposed to be temporary Y2K visa workers who were supposed to leave in 2003 when Y2K ended.

Besides, they stole most of Silicon Valley and 5,000,000 US tech jobs from Americans – worth at least $20 trillion.

Let in millions from criminal thief nations, you’re going to get robbed.

Since they were wokring here illegaly, and “earned” the money illegally, it’s not theirs. In fact, all the seized $ should be given to American tech workers who have had over $2 million each stolen from them over the past 20 years of invasion.

We don’t owe these criminal parasites anything.