Harris, who is now VP and is a member of at least 2 South Asian hate groups – USIN-PAC and Indian-American IMPACT Fund wants to get rid of white people.

USIN-PAC and its president Sanjay Puri have also been tied to the Modi gov’t of India – which makes them foreign agents.

Getting rid of whitey is what these people are after.

That is clearly the underlying tone in all of this. It’s clear Biden isn’t even i charge – Harris is – which is just the way India planned it.

All this frenzy over Asian hate isn’t about hate at all – it’s about the armies of Asians who have flooded the US since 2000 via criminal H-1B and student visa fraud – and about their mass industrial theft of American industries from Americans who built them.

They know they’re guilty and they know other Americans have had enough of their theft.

Few of these people were ever supposed to be in the US long-term.

They now occupy Silicon Valley and 5,000,000 of the best tech jobs in America – in top tech companies built by Americans.

It’s not white Americans who are doing the systemic racism – it’s Asians.

Why does the US gov’t tolerate Asian hate groups such as NASSCOM, USIN-PAC, and IMPACT operating in the US with impunity?

They are all racist, and they’re all engaging in hate crimes on white Americans.

DOJ, DOL, and EEOC continue to do nothing to enforce our laws.

What this is really all about is stopping white Americans from demanding the return of the industries Asians stole from them.

Both groups are illegal under US 501(c)(3) laws because they create special classes of people, which are forbidden by both the US Civil Rights Act and the US Constitution. Not to mention that both groups are 100% Indians and are racist.

Don’t buy the Asian sob stories of oppression. They’re the ones doing the oppressing in America.

Indian American Impact Fund

USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations Of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse Of Immigration Processes | Department of Justice

What Globalism Did Was To Transfer The US Economy To China

Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File

Indian-American sold B-2 stealth tech to China: US – Times of India

Foreign agents @ USIN-PAC have been in control of Biden since before the 2020 election. Harris works for them.

Ethnic cleansing of white Americans from CA since 1980 – approximately 18 million of them.

It’s not white people who are doing the hate crimes.

Stealing Silicon Valley. Asians’ greatest hate crime on white Americans.

Industrial Theft Justice is not a hate crime.

DesiOPT is another racist South Asian hate group waging war on white + black Americans.

Systemic racism. It’s not white Americans who are doing it.

70 million American workers have been driven from the labor force since the foreign worker invasion began in 2000.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of anti-white hate crime.

2 thoughts on “Hate-group Harris runs cover for Asian Industrial Thieves amid rise in Industrial Theft Justice”
  1. Hindoo and Chinese mafia destroying western civilization with ZOG bankers and ZOG billionaires and paid off Congress. As the west falls so falls the world.
    I fear it is too late now at this point. Millions of Americans needed to march en masse on DC to make a difference and they did nothing when the election was STOLEN by China/India’s puppet. Trump acted too little too late.

    1. Yep. If Trump could not fix America with all his $ and power, no one can. The deep state and ChiCom/Zionist world communist conspiracy is too deep and too far along.
      With the ruthless criminal CCP running the world, free people will have no chance.
      Russia 1917
      Germany 1920
      America 1913, 1965, 1998
      All of it a world communist conspiracy.
      As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said “Allow me to control the issue of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws”.
      World communism is here, and the American people will have no idea what hit them.
      And Zionist-banker controlled digital currency will be the final nail in freedom’s coffin.
      Americans have failed to defend their republic, and as Franklin predicted 250 years ago, we have failed to keep it.

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