Whelp, there go another big pile of jobs to the India Inc outsourcing mafia.

Will the EEOC make sure this lootbag complies with fair hiring law or not?

And should we really be letting our gov’t spend half a billion taxpayer dollars on foreign workers?

And should we really let foreign workers and a foreign company have access to our vets’ social security numbers?

It’s all in keeping with using every part of the US as a wealth redistribution for the 3rd world.

Taxpayer funded jobs should go to Americans and only to Americans. Period.


“Arlington-based Accenture Federal Services has won a $453 million contract from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to modernize and improve G.I. Bill claims processing for veterans, service members and their families, announced March 29.

The seven-month contract, which includes nine one-year options, is part of legislation intended to improve the speed and accuracy of processing education claims for the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration”.