Indians sure are racist.

Not to mention stupid.

Where is the diversity, India?

Just as we suspected, outsourcing to India cause the grounding of the Ever Given, disrupting shipping worldwide.

The cheap labor Indian Mafia strikes again.

Wonder which India Inc loot shop “bagged” this contract?

Hope these globalists continue to enjoy their loses.

Add the shipping industry to the latest victims of India Incs.

With Indian Mafia losers taking over everything, soon the entire world will look like trashed, dysfuntional India.

Silicon Valley collapse, Wall St. collapse, crashing airplanes, faulty CPUs, grounded container ships – you name it.

All of it brought to you by the India Inc Mafia.


“Shoei Kisen Kaisha, the company’s owner, said, “All the crew came from India”, adding that it is safe and the company is “trying to resolve the situation as soon as possible, but it proving to be extremely difficult”.

Oh Japan, what has happened to your Spirit of Excellence? Just as America has been trashed by cheap 3rd world labor, now you are being trashed too. What a shame to watch a great country like Japan go down the tubes too.

Will India eventually destroy the entire world?

It would appear so.

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