Don’t kid yourself.

This isn’t a troll article.

The Zionist racists who run America are about to round up white Americans.

The war on white America continues.

The Jan. 6th 2021 Capitol protests sent a clear message to the Zionist controllers that business as usual is over.

Now they are terrified of Americans, and especially of the fact that Americans are armed.

Americans have had enough of what these people have done to their country.

Alan Greenspan should be in prison.

Ben Bernanke should be in prison.

Janet Yellen should be in prison.

They should all be in prison.

After all, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion state that “The white race are our prime competitor”.

Jealous failed loser Jews ejected by Germany invaded and took over America after World War 2 and have been trying to subvert her ever since.

Remember that “6 million Jews killed” sob story we were taught in school? Where did that come from? Well, 6 million was the number of jobs Hitler created for the German people after the National Socialist Party rounded up the Zionist parasites for ejection from the country.

6 million jobs, not 6 million Jews.

Several documentaries examining the evidence prove conclusively that the facilities in German concentration camps were far too crude and small to exterminate 6 million people in 7 years.

Remember the “gas chambers” and “ovens” we were taught about in school? Well, those were crematoriums used to burn dead bodies which had contracted Typhoid in the camps, which was epidemic. (Don’t forget this was before the invention of antibiotics). Burning dead bodies and infected clothes to prevent the spread of Typhoid was a common occurance in the 1930’s. No Jews were thrown alive into the ovens. Total bullshit sob stories made up by the rounded up Zionists.

Zyklon-B was actually a common fumigation agent used to kill lice all over Germany and Europe at the time. Lice were a major cause of Typhoid transmission before antibiotics. German concentration camp staff were actually trying to help the Jewish detainees by preventing disease upon arrival. Showers + clothing fumigation was mandatory upon processing to help stop death among the detainees. But you won’t read that in any American history books because when the Jews fled to the US, they lied and tricked the US gov’t into attacking Germany with a huge fabricated sob story – and then re-wrote history, just as they did during Soviet Russia rule.

We’ve been lied to about everything.

As one Jewish Auschwitz survivor said “Everyone talks about what Germany did to the Jews, but no one talks about what the Jews did to Germany“.

Former Honeywell/Lockheed engineer Allan Davis explains:

Zyklon-B was a commercial insecticide used all over Europe for the purpose of disinfection. It was used in the camps in two ways: the pellets/wafers were scattered in buildings which were then closed and sealed to fumigate the buildings, and Zyklon-B was used in special rooms or ‘gas chambers’ to fumigate clothing to kill lice.

Zyklon came in small tins that contained pellets or wafers. To fumigate buildings the contents were spread about by workers wearing gas masks and the building was then sealed. The release rates of hydrogen cyanide gas from the pellets is given for various temperatures in this graph –

From the graph, at 15 deg. C = 59 deg F, the pellets release the gas at a constant rate (the rate is the slope of the graph) for the first hour, and at the end of the hour 80% of the gas has been released. For more detail see The Rudolf Report

– Zyklon B for the Killing of Human Beings

This building at Auschwitz, which is not on the tour, housed fumigation chambers, read about it here where clothing was deloused

When Zyklon-B was used in fumigation chambers a special machine was used to heat the pellets and distribute the gas, and then to exhaust the gas:

Zykon-B was used in many camps, not just the ‘death camps’.

Zyklon B – Wikipedia

Zyklon B was supplied to concentration camps at Mauthausen, Dachau, and Buchenwald by the distributor Heli, and to Auschwitz and Majdanek by Testa. Camps also occasionally bought Zyklon B directly from the manufacturers. Of the 729 tonnes of Zyklon B sold in Germany in 1942–44, 56 tonnes (about 8 percent of domestic sales) were sold to concentration camps.

It is also worth noting that the only physical evidence of the use of Zyklon-B to gas prisoners, the roof chutes at the Auschwitz Krema I ‘gas chamber’, were actually constructed after the war by the Soviets:

In the book ‘Auschwitz 1270 to the Present’ by Holocaust scholars Robert Jan van Pelt and Deborah Dwork the reconstruction is described:

When Auschwitz was transformed into a museum after the war, the decision was taken to concentrate the history of the whole complex into one of its component parts. The infamous crematoria where the mass murders had taken place lay in ruins in Birkenau, two miles away. The committee felt that a crematorium was required at the end of the memorial journey, and crematorium I was reconstructed to speak for the history of the incinerators at Birkenau. This program of usurpation was rather detailed. A chimney, the ultimate symbol of Birkenau, was re-created; four hatched openings in the roof, as if for pouring Zyklon B into the gas chamber below, were installed, and two of the three furnaces were rebuilt using original parts. There are no signs to explain these restitutions, they were not marked at the time, and the guides remain silent about it when they take visitors through this building that is presumed by the tourist to be the place where it happened.

Also, even though the US sent a team of forensics experts into the camps immediately after the war, and many autopsies performed, not one body showing signs of HCN poisioning has been found at any camp. See Allan Davis’s answer to Has a body or body part ever been found as evidence in the HCN gassing?

So there you have it. It was all a Zionist sob story created to cover up for the Warburg banker’s theft of the German economy.

Sound familiar?

If you want truth, be sure to watch the entire documentary The Greatest Story Never Told – the real history of World War 2.

Both Honeywell and Lockheed – 2 major American companies built by Americans have now both been offshored to India, and flooded with cheap illegal H-1Bs from India – thanks to the Zionist cheap labor bankers such as Alan Greenspan who illegally rigged the US labor market with illegal cheap foreign labor in the late 1990s.

Suicidally, even American F-16 fighter production has been offshored to India.

Now that white American men created the internet and the truth is finally coming out about the Zionists and their world communist domination plan, the Jews are freaking out. They are terrified of being overthrown, since the cat is now out of the proverbial bag.

Their only solution, just as they did in Christian Russia over 100 years ago is to demonize all whites, then round them up, then kill them.

Don’t think it can’t happen in America. Russians never dreamed it could happen in their country, either.

But it did.

Don’t forget that it was these same people who had 20 million Russian Christians murdered before and after they overthrew that country in 1917.

Zionists invented communism, and now it has come to America.

In fact, Lenin predicted this when he said “Communism will come to America but it will not be called communsim”.

No, it would be called globalization and a multicultural society – exactly what has been forced down America’s throat today.

This explains everything we see in America today: corruption, cultural degradation, cheap labor, open borders, theft of our industries and jobs, offshoring, marginalization and defamation of white people, why they are trying to get World War 3 started with Russia (because Putin kicked them out after Russia finally woke up).

These people will not allow anything to exist that they do not control.

We don’t live in a free market: the Zionist-run Fed is really a centrally-planned, Soviet-style economy.

In America.

These people are enemies of the US and must be removed from power.

We are in great danger, America.

The Greatest Story NEVER Told | The Untold Story of Adolf Hitler

Fed Beaten: Bill To Audit Federal Reserve Passes Key Hurdle

Auschwitz, 1270 to the Present

Pay attention to the names, people.Multicultural America” is codeword for what Bolshevik revolutionary Lev Bronstein Leon Trotsky called “Emptying the prisons into the streets“.

Never forget that it was Zionists who invented communism, as the book about communist Ché Guevera on Michelle Goldberg‘s bookshelf shows. Why is such a communist racist allowed to write for the NYT?

Over the past 400 years Zionists have been kicked out of every single country in Europe.

How come?

“But you shall be called the priests of the Lord: to you it shall be said: Ye ministers of our God: you shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and you shall pride yourselves in their glory.” – Isaiah 61:6

Mutlticultural America is codeword for erasing the white race, which is what all refugee programs are all about.

No one ever taught us in World War 2 history books that the Warburg bankers took over Germany in the 1920’s, bankrupting the nation, just as they control and are bankrupting the US today. Germany was one of the most productive countries on earth at the time, which is what attracted the Zionist parasites. Warburg bankers wrecking Germany’s economy in the 1920’s is what both gave rise to Hitler, (who was democratically elected by the German people), and was what helped contribute to the Great Depression in the 1930’s (along with Wall St.’s cheap labor flooding of America from 1906-1920).

And sure enough, now America today is in a new Great Depression.

The last 5 heads of the Fed in a row have been Zionist. How can that be in a country which is only 2% Jewish by

demographics? And why are they allowed to illegally manipulate US labor markets – a Federal crime under US


Zionist controllers hate the internet – and the white American men who created it because the internet allows the

truth to come out, and it takes sole control of information away from the Zionist-controlled corporate media.

You can follow Goldberg’s racist anti-American tirades over on Twitter.

Why are Zionists shifting all American industry to enemy communist countries? India is not a democracy – it’s a

centrally planned socialist country. The price of oil in India is still set by the gov’t of India. The countires we are

moving our industries to – and the countries we are importing people from are all countries whose people harbor

deep historical grievances against white people and the west: China, India, Mexico. The Zionists who run America

are empowering our enemies. Why?