All the illegals and Title 8 violators who invaded the CT insurance industry a few years back and drove millions of US workers from jobs were out in force sob-storying to cover up their mass industrial theft of that industry in CT.

Infosys’ promised job creation in CT fails miserably

So what. You have been doing that to Americans for over 20 years. Don’t come crying now.

It’s called Karma and you cannot escape it.

Non-immigrant Y2K visa overstayers of color have forced 18 million white Americans out of California since 1980.

Most of them since 2002.

White Genocide on a massive scale. The racist H-4 wives of H-1B job robbers are engaging in anti-white hate all

over America. Work visa programs enable the Genocide.

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination