You would too if your gov’t was full of traitors and shipped most of the US economy you worked to build to enemy countries.

Is WaPo really that stupid?

Take a flight out to Silicon Valley and look around, WaPo.

The US gov’t has failed to protect white American workers from the rapacious onslaught of armies of invading foreign workers who are displacing them.

There is no way the MSM can be this ignorant.

17 million white Americans – who created Silicon Valley – have been genocided out of CA in just 40 years. As late as 2002 most of CA was still white – until the H-1B visa caps were raised in 1998 + 2000 to flood the US with millions of industrial thieves and job robbers from Asia.

The US not only didn’t protect them – it engineered the destruction of their lives + prosperity.

Would you trust such a gov’t if it did that to you?

Any gov’t which does not protect its own people is an illegitimate gov’t.

This gov’t is a joke and doesn’t even enforce immigration laws or protect its own people.