Immigration lawyer Greg Siskind seems to love the racist + genocidal H-1B/OPT visa program for foreign workers to take jobs in the US.

Since Title 8 bans all foreign workers if their entering the US harms American workers, and since tens of millions of Americans are still out of work, it would appear to be the case that Siskind is doing H-1B/OPT visa fraud @ his law office.

India + other countries has been screaming skills shortage since 1998 and the dot-com boom. They even hire US lobbyists and PR firms to pump their lies.

There is no shortage of doctors in America. In fact, there’s a surplus of doctors who can’t get matched for residency. There is no shortage of skilled workers in the US.

As usual, the H-1B job robbers are lying and propagandizing America so they can invade and displace American workers from jobs.

MIT – the #1 tech school in the world – has even admitted there is no skilled labor shortage.

The H-1B/OPT program is totally racist and has genocided over 18 million white Americans out of California since 1990.

Most “skilled” Asians cheat their way through school, then have Americans train them how to do a job.

The entire H-1B program is a giant fraud.

Siskind’s Twitter account shows him standing on a beach in what appears to be India.

There is no shortage.

The Myth of the Skills Gap | MIT Technology Review

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The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

18 million white Americans have been ethnically cleansed out of CA since 1990. This is economic + professional genocide, people.