Looting invasion conduit TCS opened shop in Tokyo in 2019. India uses “business” as a silent invasion force.

Will India succeed in stealing Tokyo from the Japanese the way they succeeded in stealing Silicon Valley from Americans?

More invasion + takeover of Japan by India.

Now that India has trashed the US, they have set their sights on Tokyo. Every Indian in the world sees luxury and money elsewhere and wants it.

There is no shortage of IT engineers in Japan, just as there is no shortage in the US.

It’s all lies made up by India’s NASSCOM to jam more job-robbing workers into Japan.

The Japanese are not going to stand for it the way Americans have.

Genocide + silent invasion by India must be stopped.

When you see articles such as these, know they are paid NASSCOM PR.

NASSCOM pulled this same fake PR bullshit on the US when it saw the dot-com boom in America in the late 1990’s.

There is no shortage – it’s a job-robbing excuse.

The world’s last real civilization is about to be wrecked by the parasites from India.


Note the BS: “as Japan ramps up digitalization”.

Japan has been high tech since the 1980’s – 40 years before Indian parasites set their eyes on it.

Indians see glittering cities in Japan, and want to invade and take them over.

They sure are working hard, aren’t they?

Since 2000 India Incs have genocided 70 million American workers out of the US workforce.

Before the invasion began in 2000, the LFPR had been growing since 1960.

Build a great company and Indians will move in and steal it.

17 million white Americans have been genocided out of CA since 1990 by Asians.