Wreck one state with armies of H-1Bs, flee to another, then wreck it too.

H-1B and armies of cheap foreign labor have been a disater for California.

2 thoughts on “Are Californians ruining the Arizona housing market?”
  1. They are ruining the entire country. It would take a revolution of millions of Americans united to end it. Sadly I doubt that will happen.
    Americans took dictator governor mandates of face diapers and forced vaxx and lockdowns without any real opposition and let the presidential election be STOLEN by a fraud criminal Biden controlled by CCP commie chinese.

    1. Yep. Just a matter of time until they trash every state. Trashing, CA, NY, IL, and NJ wasn’t enough. Now they want everywhere else. It’s full-scale military invasion 5X what a military invasion would be. Gov’t does nothing.

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